Six Ways To Make Your Life Easier If You Stress About The Small Things

Life is full of distractions and many opportunities to see the proverbial glass as either half empty or half full. Allowing yourself to feel stressed about every small detail can really complicate your days and rob you of joy. Read on for six ways to make your life easier and gain some peace. Gratitude Journal […]

Give Yourself Permission To Do Or To Do Not. 50%

One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves is to give ourselves permission.  Permission to do — or to do not — will allow you to live a life that you love.  Those of you familiar with Star Wars know that Yoda says “Do or do not”; there is more to it but […]

Coping with Stress During a Divorce: A Practical Mental Health Guide

According to the Office of National Statistics, 34% of marriages fail before reaching the 20th wedding anniversary. Along with moving house or the death of a family member, divorce is one of the most stressful events that life can throw at us, along with the death of a loved one, job loss or a major […]

Ebola, Stress and Exercise

Ok, I’ll admit that the title is a ploy to get your attention but it’s no lie. Exercise is the best antidote to stress of all types; regardless of whether the stress arises from fear of Ebola or from anxiety induced by a more imminent danger, exercise is the best antidote. Recently, I have had […]

How Great Stories Help Heal Depression and Stress

One of the side effects of anxiety, stress, and depression, is the vague feeling that we can’t fix whatever is bothering us, because we don’t really know what it is. People may ask “what are you depressed about,” and we want to scream that it’s not about anything. It just is. But we don’t have […]

How to Stay Calm, Centered and Peaceful Facing Emergency Situations

Not too long ago I decided to take out the word ‘overwhelm’ from my vocabulary. By simply not letting myself say “I’m so overwhelmed,” it took a lot of stress away. It helped me immensely.  I felt better, freer and more at ease.  Ahh, it was such a great feeling.  I was moving along in […]

5 Tips to Deal with PTSD after a Car Accident

Car accidents—especially those that result in injury—can leave a deep impression on a person, even leading to PTSD. If you are suffering from severe anxiety as the result of a car accident or other traumatic event, here are five tips that may help you get through. 1. Talk About It    You may feel like nobody […]

How the Power of Focus Can Help You Deal with Stress

When you are under stress, do you feel sometimes like you just can’t focus? You may have deadlines, or a to-do list that is a mile long, but your mind doesn’t seem to want to get in gear. I think there is a good chance, though, that we can’t focus on what we want to […]

Writing: A Surprisingly Effective Antidote to Stress

While walking rapidly down the hall of the new hospital, in the new city, new state…new everything, three days after the move I had never planned to make, I was delighted to see the face of a good friend from Houston, never questioning why this physician would be in Massachusetts on a Monday morning in […]

Take a Break and Manage Stress

Recent research has highlighted how important it is to take a break at regular intervals throughout the day. When a 3 month survey was undertaken at Sheffield University involving 850,000 people they found that responses, rapid perception and decision-making was better, more effective when people avoided cramming intensively and applied a looser, more relaxed approach. […]