How to Deal With the Stress of Long Term Unemployment

While losing a job is a jolt, the initial shock doesn’t last long before you can start moving forward. But what if that was months ago? How do you deal with the stress of long term unemployment, which just seems to sap a little more out of you every day? The longer you go without […]

A Crucial Life-Lesson: Why Is It So Important To Deal With Stress?

None of us are strangers to stress. It’s a fact of life. But do we really know how important it is to deal with stress when it happens, or the damage accumulated stress can do? Insomnia, binge eating, or pains in your neck, are only a few symptoms of chronic stress. You could be overly […]

When The Unthinkable Happens: How to Deal With the Stress of Losing Your Job

Losing your job unexpectedly can feel like someone punched you in the stomach. For a minute you can’t breathe, you can’t focus, and you can’t really take in what just happened to you. Words may echo vaguely in your head…words like cutbacks, layoffs, closing down. But it doesn’t make sense. Surely, there’s been a mistake. […]