Why Can’t I Beat Depression

New Research on the Enteric Nervous System Do you wonder, “Why can’t I beat depression”?  If you suffer from lingering depression, it may be helpful to consider what medical research is discovering about the complex network of neurons that line our gut. Some scientists are calling this “the second brain”, because unlike the rest of […]

What Is The Best Way To Beat Depression? A 5 Point Plan.

When you are wondering what is the best way to beat depression, it helps to understand that no one solution stands alone. Some methods work better for some people than others, but all of the most effective treatments offer a multi-point approach. With a solid five part framework, you can design a plan that works the […]

How to Beat Depression Naturally (Without Drugs)

Since the early 1990’s, the use of antidepressants has increased  four hundred percent, such that in America, the wealthiest and most powerful nation on Earth, nearly one in ten persons over the age of 12 take antidepressants.  Antidepressants are the third most prescribed type of drug in the United States. Most are white women; over […]

How to Beat Depression When Unemployed

In earlier articles, we looked at how to deal with the stress of unemployment. But how do you beat depression when you become unemployed? What you do when first lose your job can make a big difference in how you feel later. A large part of beating depression happens if you can head it off before it […]

What to Eat to Beat Depression

If you ever wonder what to eat to beat depression, you probably already know that ice cream by the gallon is not going to make the list. Some folks find depression takes away any desire to eat at all. Either way, eating foods high in essential nutrients gives you your best defense against depression, and […]

What Are The Best Meditation Methods For Anxiety?

While all types of meditation are good for you, some work better than others for specific situations. If you are stressed and anxious, you may be wondering what are the best meditation methods for anxiety that will give you the quickest chance to calm down. Oxygen in, anxiety out. Anxiety attacks tend to cause shortness of […]

How to Beat Depression

Did you know that the Harvard School of Public Health announced that women who eat refined grains are 29 to 42 percent more likely to suffer from depression? An article in Live Science identifies the three foods that have the most negative affect on our mood; so called “fast food”, soft drinks and refined grains.  […]

How To Deal With Stress at Home

Home is where we find food and shelter, where we go for rest and relaxation; it is the place for family and a gathering place where we can invite friends to share good times.  How can we cope when the responsibilities as a parent or caregiver are highly stressful, or even when the peace of […]

How To Deal With Stress When Pregnant

When you are pregnant your life can get turned upside down by changes to your body, happy plans, and often unexpected stress. Even if you are thrilled, do you know how to deal with stress when pregnant if you don’t know what may happen in your job, your apartment is too small, or you’re are afraid you […]

Why Can’t I Deal with Stress? 5 Myths That Hold You Back

Have you ever asked yourself “ why can’t I deal with stress, ” and then answered “because I am too stressed to deal with it?” Spot a vicious cycle here? When we don’t pay attention to our stress, we can get caught up in our own personal whirlwind. And when we look for answers, we […]