How To Boost Self Confidence And Beat Depression: Ask a Few Simple Questions

When you’re depressed it’s hard to have any self confidence, and the less confident you are, the more you can get depressed. Asking yourself some simple questions, however, can boost your self confidence, and help you beat depression by changing your point of view. “Why not me? Why not us?” U.S. football fans may have […]

What Is the Best Way to Relax After Work? 8 Easy Tension-Busters

After a long, stressful day at the office, you may be wondering what is the best way to relax after work. Here are 8 simple but effective ways to unwind: Get moving, most especially if you have a job that is basically sedentary. After a day of stagnating circulation and over-amped stress, possibly followed by […]

How to Beat Depression and Anxiety? Maybe “All You Need Is Love.”

When you are trying to beat depression and anxiety, both the worrying and the numbness often share a common source; a helpless feeling that you can’t cope, and you’ll never be able to. Whether you are so anxious you can’t breathe, or are lost in a cloud of darkness, there is one simple thing that […]

How to Feel More Gratitude

When life is hectic, you may know it is important to feel gratitude, but you’re so busy you just forget. And how can you feel more gratitude if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed? Well, you are alive, you are thinking about gratitude, and that’s a start. Awaken your awareness. When we are anxious or under […]

How to Beat Depression When You Are Alone

When you think about being alone, do you imagine calm serenity, or the panic of being stranded on a dark and isolated road? If you are trying figure out how to beat depression when you are alone, how you experience depression will be different if you believe you can draw strength from solitude, or if […]

Why Can’t I Attract Money?

Like it or not, we all attract things, everyday. When people say they attract money does that make you wonder “ Why can’t I attract money , if they can?” It doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? Some people get all the breaks. But, if you’ve ever had one of those days when things went […]

How to Eat to Beat Depression: The Magic of Mindful Eating

When we’re depressed, all of life seems tasteless and empty of joy. If we learn how to eat to beat depression though, we can restart more than just our taste buds. The reason is the how, and not just the what. To beat depression, learning to eat mindfully is as important as the foods we […]

How to Treat Anxiety Without Medication by Using Conscious Awareness

Are you reading this really fast because the sky could fall at any minute? Rather than reach for something to calm you down, you might consider how to treat anxiety without medication, by changing how you look at the world. Last week we talked about treating anxiety naturally with deep yoga breathing, nutrition, and exercise. […]

What is the Best Way to Treat Anxiety?

How can we best treat anxiety? Anxiety is not just an inconvenience; when we are anxious or panicked we cannot think clearly.  Not only do we fail to absorb what we see and hear, we also lose the ability to clearly evaluate the situation. Anxiety or panic will cause us to over react, and the […]

How to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety can range from vague but persistent worrying to an all-out can’t breathe panic attack. Either way, you can learn how to treat anxiety naturally, and have help on hand whenever anxiety strikes. Deep yoga breathing. Anxiety can trigger a rapid breathing response, causing us to pant or hyperventilate and gulp for air. One of […]