How to Beat Winter Blues With Exercise

Whenever it snows my skier friends get all excited. But some people, like me, just get the winter weather blues. We all know exercise helps beat depression, but having to dig your car out in a blizzard is sure a handy excuse to ignore the gym, and curl up on the couch instead. Sometimes winter […]

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

Business classes and self-help books both offer steps for how to attract money into your life. The first teach revenue goals and action plans. The second may add positive vibrations, affirmations and visualization boards. But both share some essential truths. If you want to attract money, you have to know what you want, intend to […]

How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety

Although the terms “stress” and “anxiety” tend to be interchangeable in common usage, medically they are different.  Stress is a normal reaction to a specific threat or situation and as such, it is not a disorder.  Typically, once the cause is removed, the levels of stress hormones return to normal. However anxiety is a bona-fide […]

How to Clear Your Money Blocks

In the search for a holistic lifestyle, sooner or later one faces the challenge of “right living”, where work and wealth are in harmony with our physical, mental and spiritual aspirations. Wealth is so often seen as simply possessing money, perhaps splendid amounts of money.  Yet across the spectrum of spiritual teachings, mentors and inspirational […]

How to Treat Anxiety

One of my favorite programs on PBS is Daniel G. Amen, M.D. He often addresses how to treat anxiety and depression, and his clinics use a more natural approach to treating depression and anxiety whenever possible, what he calls “the sane way to beat anxiety and depression”.  Two values underlie this approach; “First do no […]

Understanding Emotional Eating and How to Stop it

Most people have eaten for emotional reasons at one time or another. It can be the go-to thought when there is stress. I remember many occasions at work when one person would say to colleagues, “I am stressed – who wants to get something with me (meaning something sweet)?” We were all stressed and didn’t […]

How To Boost Self Confidence And Beat Depression: Ask a Few Simple Questions

When you’re depressed it’s hard to have any self confidence, and the less confident you are, the more you can get depressed. Asking yourself some simple questions, however, can boost your self confidence, and help you beat depression by changing your point of view. “Why not me? Why not us?” U.S. football fans may have […]

What Is the Best Way to Relax After Work? 8 Easy Tension-Busters

After a long, stressful day at the office, you may be wondering what is the best way to relax after work. Here are 8 simple but effective ways to unwind: Get moving, most especially if you have a job that is basically sedentary. After a day of stagnating circulation and over-amped stress, possibly followed by […]

How to Beat Depression and Anxiety? Maybe “All You Need Is Love.”

When you are trying to beat depression and anxiety, both the worrying and the numbness often share a common source; a helpless feeling that you can’t cope, and you’ll never be able to. Whether you are so anxious you can’t breathe, or are lost in a cloud of darkness, there is one simple thing that […]

How to Feel More Gratitude

When life is hectic, you may know it is important to feel gratitude, but you’re so busy you just forget. And how can you feel more gratitude if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed? Well, you are alive, you are thinking about gratitude, and that’s a start. Awaken your awareness. When we are anxious or under […]