Mini Meditation to Clear Your Mind

Are you ever so bombarded with thoughts that it’s hard to focus? Or, maybe, one incessant thought is robbing your peace of mind. There’s a part of your mind that is always thinking. That’s natural and there’s no stopping it. However, there’s another bigger part of your mind that is open, free, and clear. When […]

Free Your Mind… the Right Way!

What is your MINDSET? Everyone has one. It is the set of values and beliefs that make up our way of thinking. This mindset of ours seems to really reveal itself in difficult times, however. It reveals itself in the form of our will and emotions. It’s so easy to just say “free your mind,” but to free one’s mind is much […]

The Secret Diary of An Aspiring Meditation Master – Week Two, “Unlocking Your Intuitive Power”

Welcome back to the second week of traveling along with Kevin Schoeninger’s weekly messages in Spiritual Growth Monthly. A lot to work on this week, but it’s good to know that the feeling of having lost touch with our own intuitive guidance is not unique to me. The further I read in Kevin’s message, though, […]

How to Deal With Powerful, Negative Thoughts

As a kid, Tigger was one of my favorite characters from A.A. Milne’s series, Winnie the Pooh. His happiness got all over everyone as he bounced his way through life. His counterpart, Eeyore, was the donkey whose sadness could be just as infectious. For most of my life I have leaned toward the Tigger attitude. […]

Can’t Clear Your Mind? Maybe You Should Get Up and Dance!

Quietly meditating can do a lot to boost your mood and “clear your mind of can’t”. But if you are just sitting and fretting, listening to the clock tick, wondering if your time is up yet, then maybe it’s time to shift gears. Maybe it is time to get up and dance your thoughts away. […]