Your Emotional Allies: 3 Steps To Be At Ease With Uncomfortable Feelings

Do you ever feel so mad that you might explode, so afraid that you can’t move, or so sad that you lose all will?  When you feel anger, fear, or sadness, it’s natural to want to get away from these supposedly “negative” emotions.  From a young age we are encouraged not to express them.  People […]

Can Love Overcome Fear?

Many of us have heard that love and fear are opposites or that love is an antidote to fear, a way to overcome it.  In this post, we’ll explore what that might mean and how it could work. Let’s begin by differentiating two types of fear: fear that is helpful and fear that holds you […]

Guess Who Knows Your Habits Better Than You?

Did you know that your supermarket loyalty card isn’t just a nice way to give you discounts and keep your business?  It’s an information gathering device, so that retailers can track your habits and sell you more stuff.  These days it’s likely that your favorite stores know your habits better than you do.  In this […]