Mini Meditation to Attract Purposeful Prosperity

You’ll become an attracting force for abundant prosperity when you infuse your money transactions with positive purpose. When you harmonize your money with your Core Values you’ll feel lighter, freer, more energized, connected, and alive–and you’ll be more prosperous! So, the following mini meditation empowers you to see financial transactions as purposeful exchanges that express […]

The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – June 2014 – Week Four, “Secrets of Abundance.”

We are back again, following Kevin Schoeninger’s messages on Spiritual Growth Monthly. This week, Kevin continues on the issue of Life’s Big Questions, and considers the question “how can I be more abundant”. What struck me immediately about this question was that it is about being abundant, rather than having or gaining abundance. In our […]

The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – September 2014, Week Four, “Raising Your Wealth Consciousness” Meditation

To wrap up September’s theme of how to raise our wealth consciousness, Kevin Schoeninger’s guided meditation takes us back through the new ways of thinking about possibilities we’ve been discussing, and how it feels to try on these new ideas. I say new ideas, but they may only seem new when we open ourselves up […]

The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – September 2014, Week Three, “9 Beliefs to Raise Your Wealth Consciousness.”

This month in Spiritual Growth Monthly, we have been following Kevin Schoeninger’s exploration of the relationship between higher consciousness and wealth. It is worth noting again that Kevin is defining wealth as “everything that is valuable” to us. If you tried his exercise about imagining a perfect day, then you might visualize real wealth as a […]

5 Surefire Ways for Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting abundance is a way of life. Although we may think of abundance as financial prosperity, it encompasses much more. True abundance comes from inside you. To live in abundance, we start with becoming abundant in the area of our choosing. Simply, Manifesting abundance = manifestation + abundance. Manifestation = bringing forth your desires through […]

Learn How To Attract Money With These Wealth Strategies

If you need to know how to attract abundance, here are 3 techniques that are so simple you can start attracting wealth just like the money gurus. Strategy #1: How To Attract Money With Wealth Affirmations Affirmations are true and positive statements a person makes about him or herself. Now it’s time to put the […]

Law of Attraction – Five Ingredients For The Best Wealth Affirmation

When using the Law of Attraction, the best wealth affirmation you can give yourself is something much different from the average wealth quotes and affirmations. What you want to do is start building the foundation for wealth from a different angle. This article talks about an uncommon way to wealth using an uncommon approach to […]

Working Less To Get Ahead

My clients are always surprised when I suggest they should work less but give more to get ahead. At first it seems like a contradiction until you begin to understand at a deeper level that giving comes from the heart; • It is fuelled by passion and demands excellence and diligence of you. • It […]

Be Happy With Money To Experience More

Being happy is vital. It’s so important to enjoy life fully. Money is a part of that. After all money is the exchange used to acquire food, shelter, transportation, travel and other fluffy enjoyable things. Money is neither good or bad. It’s energy, just like everything else. It’s gotten a bad rap over the years […]

How to Master Your Wealth Today

If you want true financial security, it’s not enough anymore to be a millionaire – you’ve got to be a multimillionaire. So how do you join the ranks of the 1%? Here’s an interesting thought: Self made multi-millionaires are confused by people who aren’t rich. They don’t understand why you can’t do the very same […]