The Secret Of Deliberate Creation

Wish you could simply think something into creation? According to Dr. Robert Anthony, you can. Dr. Anthony is a best-selling author, personal performance consultant, and creator of The Secret of Deliberate Creation. His program is a culmination of his 25 years of experience working in personal development. He claims that his program can help you transform your life. […]

Self-Esteem Elevation For Children – Is This A Real Solution To Stop Bullying And Drug Use?

If you’ve ever struggled with low self-esteem you know how limiting this state can be. As children, low self-esteem is especially painful. This is a timely topic as bullying, drug use and teen suicide are hot in the news….and they all stem from, you guessed it, low self-esteem. Imagine having the skills to help your […]

The Success Codes – Have These Two Doctors Discovered The Missing Code To Success?

Have you ever felt like the more time you invest in self-development, the further you get from your goals? Perhaps you’ve spent countless hours and large sums of money on personal development programs.Maybe you’ve enjoyed some initial successes. And for a while, it seemed like you were heading toward a life of happiness, freedom, and […]

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy – From Poverty To Purpose

What role does faith play in your life? Are you a devoted follower of a specific religion, or a free spirit with your own belief system? However you find faith in your life, have there been times when you’ve questioned your own power or the power of your belief system? Perhaps you pray regularly, but […]

Liberate Your Life – Can This Clear Away Your Negative Beliefs?

24 hours is a lot of time. In 24 hours we should be able to do so much. Yet, the days seem to drain away. Do you ever look back on a day and wonder “What the heck did I accomplish?” Our time is sucked up by repetitive (and pointless) thoughts,and bad habits (or action […]

The New Message Of A Master—The Secret Laws

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction, but aren’t sure where to begin applying the principles to your daily life? Or, perhaps you’ve tried it to no avail and are convinced that it simply doesn’t work. The New Message of a Master—The Secret Laws may be the solution you’re looking for. It’s an engaging read […]

Mind Movies Matrix Review: Does It Really Work?

Welcome to our special Mind Movies Matrix Review.  We’ve all seen good movies that have massive emotional impact on us. When they’re well made, movies have the power to make us feel scared, sad, or even inspired. But is it possible that a “mind movie” can alter your life’s path…or help you manifest your goals, […]