Don’t miss the LIVE Group Meditation tomorrow, m’kay :)

Last chance to join the LIVE “Group Meditation” Event I’m doing for you tomorrow! Join me, as I guide you in a very powerful meditation called “Welcoming The Present Moment”. Get your “Group Meditation” access details here. No doubt about it. This is one of the most powerful inner clearing techniques you will ever learn. […]

LIVE GROUP MEDITATION: “Welcoming The Present Moment”

I’m pleased to announce a LIVE "Group Meditation" Event I’m doing for you this Friday! 🙂 Join me, as I guide you in a very powerful meditation called "Welcoming The Present Moment". Get your "Group Meditation" access details here. No doubt about it. This is one of the most powerful inner clearing techniques you will […]

Mastering The Instant Release Meditation: Last chance for Replay & Part 2!

I hope you enjoyed my free training: "Mastering The Instant Release Technique". This is a quick "heads up" that the replay expires tomorrow, on Sunday at 8am PST. IMPORTANT: The instant release technique is absolutely priceless. It’s something that will serve you well for the rest of your life, when you know how to do […]

REPLAY: Instant Release Meditation Training (expires Sun. 8am PST)

Thanks to all who joined me live for "Mastering The Instant Release Technique". I’m pleased so many of you added this powerful technique to your inner clearing toolkit — good work! >>> If you missed it, here’s the replay. IMPORTANT: The replay will expire on Sunday at 8:00am PST, so make time to see it […]

FREE TRAINING: “Mastering The Instant Release Meditation Technique!”

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be leading a live training on Thursday called: "Mastering The ‘Instant Release’ Meditation Technique!" Join me, as I guide you in a powerful inner clearing technique you can use to instantly release any form of stress — The "instant release" meditation works well for anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, "unworthiness", […]

Which of These Meditation Styles Works Best For You?

There are several powerful ways you can dissolve stress and open to more joy with meditation. One great way is to welcome positive states like gratitude, appreciation, love, and joy. A wonderful example of this in action is my open-focus gratitude meditation. Try it. Another good example is some of the work we’re doing in […]

Six Reasons Why People Who Meditate Are Excellent Candidates For Love

It is notoriously difficult to find The One these days. Furthermore, once you have settled down with someone, the unnatural amount of pressure involved in modern life makes any relationship hard to sustain. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s seen their partnerships break down under the weight of combined stress. However, all is […]

7 Questions For Divine Inspiration (PLUS: How To Create True Wealth In Every Area Of Life in 2015!)

Here’s a fun exercise plus 7 questions for divine inspiration in this moment! This meditation is all about giving your soul space and permission to speak, so I invite you to follow along, give this a try, and see what happens. Now, I’d like you to focus inside, and ask your divine source the following […]

Five Types Of Bad Habits That Will Benefit From Meditation

People have many motivations for meditating—some wish to be more self-aware, while others seek inspiration, or simple rejuvenation. No matter your views on meditation, there is no denying that many rely on it for a source of power in their lives. This is because there are countless benefits. You might not realize it, but meditation […]

A Meditation to Clear Fear, Sadness, and Anything Else!

If you ever feel “lost in paradise” with fear, sadness and other negative emotions, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post about how to clear any negative pattern. Today I’d like to share with you a powerful meditation to clear fear, sadness, hopelessness, or anything else. At a core level, this really is the secret […]