Qigong: An Easier, Better Feeling, More Effective Meditation Technique

When you think about meditating, what do you hope to get from it? Is it stress relief? Feeling more peaceful? Do you want to improve your health and boost your energy? Do you hope to let go of negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, so you can manifest what your soul desires? Do you long to […]

What’s So Powerful About Mindfulness?

Do you ever sit down to meditate and find your mind wandering off again and again? Or maybe you find your mind stuck on one thought that keeps repeating itself over and over, like a broken record. Does a minor conflict or a little bump in your road sometimes set off a huge feeling—like sadness, […]

JOIN ME: “Mastering The Instant Release Meditation Technique!”

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be leading a live group meditation on Thursday called: Mastering The “Instant Release” Meditation Technique! Join me, as I guide you in a powerful inner clearing meditation. Use this meditation anytime to instantly release any form of stress and return to your CORE essence — The “instant release” meditation […]

How To Raise Your Energetic Vibration <<< Powerful Meditation Technique Revealed!

Not so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away….. My good friend Kevin Schoeninger hosted a special tele-class for all our “Core Energy Meditation” students. Now I realize you are not a CEM student, but the good news is I just posted the recording, so you can listen in here: http://www.clearyourstress.com/core-energy-meditation-faq-teleclass/ In this session, […]

Is “Brainwave Meditation” Damaging Your Brain?

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about “brainwave meditation”. Is it safe? Is it something you recommend? How does it compare with your “Core Energy Meditation” program? First, let’s first define “brainwave meditation”! In a nutshell, “brainwave meditation” (also known as binaural beats) uses sound frequencies to manipulate brainwave patterns. How does it work? […]

Core Energy Meditation: Standing On The Shoulders of The One!

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." ~Sir Isaac Newton I’ve been blessed to work directly with some of the greatest masters on the planet in the last 20 years. Several teachers, who I consider to be among "the greats," have profoundly influenced me and what I’m able […]

How to Release Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs!

Today I have a great “releasing audio” for you. It was created by my good friend Kevin Schoeninger.  Try this: http://www.clearyourstress.com/core-energy-technique/ It shows you how to release all negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs.  It works on negative emotions like anxiety, anger, depression and guilt. It also works when you feel stuck in a limiting belief […]

Is “Enlightenment” Really Possible In This Lifetime?

I’m sure you’ve heard of "cute spiritual catchphrases" before like: "There is only Oneness!" OR… "You already are the complete, liberated Self that you seek!" I’m guessing you’ve even had some profound EXPERIENCES of this "enlightened" state (or whatever words you prefer). Maybe it was during meditation or some other "peak experience" in life, which […]

Would you like to work with me personally?

I’m looking for a dream client to work with – To help you “get unstuck” and make the shift to complete “inner freedom” in this lifetime. Now I realize that’s a HUGE claim!  So please allow me to send you more information. Here’s the link to learn more and take the next step. http://www.clearyourstress.com/work-with-matt Thank […]

REPLAY: Group Instant Release Meditation (expires Sun 8am PST)

BIG thanks to all who joined me live for the Group Meditation, “Welcoming The Present Moment“. 🙂 I’m pleased so many of you added these TWO powerful techniques to your inner clearing toolkit — good work! >>> If you missed it, here’s the replay. IMPORTANT: The replay will expire on Sunday at 8:00am PST, so […]