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    Six Simple Techniques for Reducing Anxiety

    Healthy eating planMost of us live hectic lives, performing a daily balancing act between work and family. Anxiety can make our already hectic and busy days feel ten times worse. To help you feel less stressed and more calm, here are six simple techniques for reducing anxiety:

    Just Breathe

    It may seem like the most basic thing in the world, but just pausing to take a few deep breaths can dramatically change our mood. If you feel a rush of anxiety coming on, pause and take ten deep, full breaths. This simple technique, that can be put into practice in any setting, can make a world of difference.


    So many of us put off adding exercise to our daily routine. While a lot of us view exercise as something we do merely to look good, physical activity has a whole host of mental benefits. The endorphins released when we work out can drastically improve our overall moods. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Just go for a 30-minute walk three or four times a week to start experiencing the benefits.


    Fatty or sugary food can make us feel sluggish, which will only exacerbate the stresses we experience from day-to-day life. Eating “clean”, as in filling your diet with whole and unprocessed foods, is a simple but effective way to reduce our overall anxiety levels.


    You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to go on some spiritual quest in India to master meditation. There are plenty of apps and online videos that will guide you through a simple five or ten minute meditation that you can do right at home or at your desk. This simple break from your day can drastically reduce your anxiety and stress level.

    Take a Cue From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    One of the most basic tenants of cognitive behavioral therapy is the notion that our thoughts affect our moods, more so than the events that happen to us. It might seem a bit too “new age-y” for some, but just changing your thoughts can be the first step in reducing your anxiety. Instead of thinking, “I have so much work to do this week – I’ll never finish it all,” think, “I have risen to challenges in the past and I look forward to tackling these obligations and emerging successful.”

    Stop Worrying

    “Stop worrying” is one of those tips that sounds easier said than done, but it is ultimately invaluable advice when it comes to reducing anxiety. Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything besides making you more stressed out. Instead of worrying, remind yourself that your issues are not life or death, and just attempt to do the best you can.

    When you feel anxiety coming on, always pause to breathe deeply and remind yourself that whatever you are facing is not life or death. Sometimes, all we need is to just pause to really be able to put things in perspective.

    Author Bio: Emma is a freelance writer living in Boston. When not writing, she enjoys reading, baking, and indoor rock climbing.

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