Are You Making These Intuitive Mistakes?

Last week we explored the perils of quick thinking.  We discovered that many of our intuitive first impressions fall prey to biases that make them poor judgments.  So, in this week’s post, I want to examine two causes of intuitive errors and what you can do to increase intuitive accuracy. This past month, I’ve been […]

5 Practical Stress Relievers For The Holidays

It’s a season of celebration, but the holidays can conjure more negativity than expected. From worrying about various expenses to holiday parties, the weeks prior can be quite overwhelming.  It seems avoiding the anxiety comes close to impossible, but finding a healthy balance is attainable. Instead of suppressing or ignoring emotions, let me introduce you […]

Guess Who Knows Your Habits Better Than You?

Did you know that your supermarket loyalty card isn’t just a nice way to give you discounts and keep your business?  It’s an information gathering device, so that retailers can track your habits and sell you more stuff.  These days it’s likely that your favorite stores know your habits better than you do.  In this […]

Trouble Thinking Clearly? Try This!

This past week, I received an appreciative email from one of our clients in the U.K.  She was having a lot of trouble thinking clearly, but described how great she felt after following one of our suggestions for improving mental clarity and ease while meditating.  In fact, when you do this before any mental task, […]

4 Things to Tell Yourself When You’re Having an Anxiety Attack

If you’ve ever had an anxiety attack, then you know what a scary experience it can be. You may feel as if you’re going to lose control or in extreme circumstances, you may fear that you won’t survive the experience. Either way, it’s no fun. Unfortunately, if you’ve had one anxiety attack, it’s likely you’ll […]

Are You Keeping the Peace at the Expense of Honoring Your True Self?

I’m a peacekeeper by nature. I don’t like to ruffle feathers. It makes me anxious when others express anger, even when it’s not directed toward me. I’d rather sacrifice my opinion or preference to avoid conflict. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking about how this impacts my own happiness. Am I giving up my love for […]

Putting Your Brain On Pause

What if you had a remote control for your brain and you could change the channel or press the pause button whenever you needed a break from feeling stressed, angry, or overwhelmed? What if this remote was like the one in the movie “Click,” except instead of pausing what others are doing, you could pause […]

How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety in Your Everyday Life

Do you find yourself wondering how to deal with stress? You’re definitely not alone. We all deal with stress in our everyday lives, and for some of us there is just no avoiding it. The only thing we can do is learn how to minimize it by developing good coping skills. The following are some […]

Beat Depression by Learning How to Love Yourself

Do you ever feel like you’re your own worst enemy? Join the club! When you’re experiencing the blues or trying to learn how to treat anxiety, it’s easy to fall into the trap of beating yourself up. Don’t! Instead, follow these guidelines for learning how to love yourself again so you can beat depression in […]

Proactive Ways to Beat Depression and Anxiety

Why look for ways to beat depression and anxiety if you’re feeling just fine? Good question! The truth is that everyone should be proactive about warding off negative emotions such as stress and unhappiness because they’re bound to sneak up on you if you don’t. Consider these three strategies for maintaining a peaceful and happy […]