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    Creating A Safe Place with A Sensory Room

    sensory_roomEveryone needs a safe harbor; a sanctuary where you can get away from the grind of everyday life.

    People with addictions need a place to escape to, as well. Addictions create turmoil in our lives — it feels like you’re pummeled with too much stimulation, internally and externally. Not only does the addiction itself create an unnatural wave of cravings, but you often feel like your control over your situation is disintegrating.

    Entering into an addiction recovery program can also feel frantic; as if you’ve traded one hectic life for a new life full of meetings, expectations and withdrawals. But for recovery to be effective and long lasting, you need to find a place of calm, where you can facilitate change.

    At Recovery Ways, we provide a sensory room, where you can go and find that place of calm.

    What is a sensory room?

    A sensory room is a place of retreat. Everything inside the room, from the paint to the furniture, is designed to calm the senses and promote self-reflection.

    Sensory rooms provide a place to get just away for a while

    A sensory room is an integral part of how Recovery Ways approaches addiction recovery. It functions as a sanctuary from the sometimes-stressful recovery process, where you can go to relax and focus on personal self-care.

    After spending time in a sensory room, it’s easier to return to meetings and activities with a renewed focus on recovery.

    Focusing on strengths and interests

    When you’re recovering from an addiction, it can still feel like the addiction is running your life. The whole point is to get back to the life you want to live — your likes, wants, strengths, and interests.

    A sensory room is a place where you can rediscover who you are. You’re safe to stop worrying about your addiction, and safe to explore the things that can make you happy.

    Return anytime you’re feeling over-stimulated

    One of the biggest obstacles to recovery are those times when we feel over-stimulated, triggered, or overwhelmed. The sensory room is a place you can return to, time and time again, where you can find calm and peace during the recovery process.

    Once you’ve spent time in the sensory room, you can continue with daily activities and the recovery process, knowing that the sensory room will always be there when you’re feeling over-burdened.

    A place to go when you’re feeling tired or depressed

    When recovering from addiction, it’s common to feel sad and depressed, or even simply tired and exhausted. A sensory room provides you with a place to re-invigorate yourself, and get yourself ready to continue with daily activities.

    A place where you learn to self-regulate

    A sensory room is a physical space where, during therapy, you can recognize your feelings of distress and anxiety, and then focus on reducing those feelings.

    Ultimately, a sensory room is a place where you learn to self-regulate again. Hopefully, by the end of your treatment, you’ll be better equipped to manage and control your cravings, as well as bounce back from temporary feelings of sadness and depression.

    Recovery Ways in Utah offers hope for those grappling with addiction. If you have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction, contact Recovery Ways today.

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