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    Guided Meditation: Whole Body Breathing Meditation!

    body1Here’s a great “whole body breathing meditation” to calm the inner storm and regain your mental clarity. I think you’ll immediately feel better and be able to better handle whatever challenges you’re facing. Turn up your speakers, PRESS PLAY, relax, and enjoy!

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    – Kevin

    P.S. How do you feel? If you’d like to see more meditations like this, let us know in the Comments below. Thanks, we appreciate your feedback!

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    • Bela

      I tried to purchase the download but it failed twice!
      Its very good.
      I would also like to get more downloads ‘as and when’ especially on spirituality which I think Kevin is exceptionally good on.

    • Jacqueline

      Just what I needed to start my day.

    • barbara

      Thank you. Short, sweet, effective. And minutes afterwards I can still feel my energy coursing joyfully through my body.

    • Artemis

      Thank you Kevin!

    • Munira

      Hi Kevin: THank yo for your consideration! You are the best! Was having a hectic day and needed this.

    • Adriana Roberts

      Matt & kevin: YES I like it. I don’t know how to start this program.

    • Emmie

      Thanks a lot, I like and feel alright aterwards…

    • So glad so many of you appreciated this meditation. Thanks for saying so.

      To Bela, sorry your purchase did not go through. I will pass your comment along to Client Support.


    • Sher

      Very nice Kevin. I really liked it!!

    • Vijay

      Short and effective. Quite nice

    • Yvette

      It was very good but far too short. Please send me a longer one……Thank you.

    • Babs

      This really helped me to have a few minutes stress-free!

    • Thanks, Kevin and Matt. Yes, I’d like to get many more little meditations like this on many different subjects. Blessings!

    • Helen

      Thanks heaps. It certainly does relax your “whole body” 🙂 I’m smiling!
      I love this site.

    • Allen


    • pris

      There was no play button when I opened the link, just like almost all of your links for mini trials, except the CET and Matt’s meditation, I’ve never been able to try anything.

    • One love 2

      Wish I could download, this is good. Thanks

    • gowri

      Wonderful! As some one practicing breathworks I found your video very real and relaxing-thanks