Super-Peaceful Meditation Download! (And funny Bali motorbike story)

Sorry if my email freaked you out last week. 🙂 (Not already on the VIP list, join here) Looks like some were feeling freaked out with last week’s email about “inception,” “the world isn’t real,” and “your suffering isn’t real”. You see, most people are not used to seeing this world as total illusion, all […]

Feel Stuck In Life? Not Sure Why? Try This “Perfect Sense” Meditation!

Press PLAY To Begin The Meditation: Why We Feel Stuck In Life And What To Do About It We all have times and situations when we feel stuck in life. There may be repeated tension, conflict, or various pains and suffering in these situations. We might feel like we’re hitting our heads against the wall […]

Abundant Energy: Guided Gratitude Meditation & Conscious Creation!

The FREE event begins Wednesday, May 6 when the first 7 days will be streamed for free. Click here to register for access to “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 7 Days“. Here’s an awesome guided gratitude meditation for you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to welcome your natural feelings of joy, gratitude, trust […]

Abundant Energy Demo: “Open Focus” Inspired Standing Meditation!

The FREE event begins Monday October 20, when the first 7 days will be streamed for free. Click here to register for access to “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 7 Days“. Here’s a totally new style of standing meditation for you and I’d love to get your feedback. Hit PLAY: (NOTE: you need a desktop […]

Inner Smiling Meditation to Clear Stress and Feel Better Right Now!

Here’s a new Mini Meditation version of Inner Smiling that I just recorded. Thanks to for the background music. Just PRESS PLAY on the player below. Inner Smiling is a simple and effective way to release stress, clear your mind, and feel better right away–and it’s really easy to do. To practice Inner Smiling […]

An Easy Meditation Technique To Clear Anything! (Try This Powerful Secret To Instantly Release Stress And Feel Incredible Joy!)

How would you like an easy meditation technique that you can use anytime to release your stress, feel more joy, and re-connect to the Infinite Intelligence all around you? Read on! My friend Kevin calls this technique “Inner Smiling,” and it is a very powerful way to connect to the healing power of your heart, […]

VIDEO: “Naughty” Yet Enlightened Flirting Tricks! 3 Secrets To Build Friendly Rapport And Excite!

Here’s a new video I just made for you from “the island of love” (Bali) where I reveal some very “naughty,” yet enlightened flirting tricks! You can use these secrets in a “platonic” way to build trust and friendly rapport, or to get the object of your desires HOT under the collar! If you enjoyed […]

A Meditation to Clear Fear, Sadness, and Anything Else!

If you ever feel “lost in paradise” with fear, sadness and other negative emotions, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post about how to clear any negative pattern. Today I’d like to share with you a powerful meditation to clear fear, sadness, hopelessness, or anything else. At a core level, this really is the secret […]

Mini Meditation: Relax In the Ocean Of Awareness

In the following meditation, I invite you to relax into the “ocean of awareness.” You’ll enjoy the gentle flow of the waves as you release attachment to thoughts, feelings, and sensations–allowing them to naturally come and go. I think you’ll find this a great way to relax, release stress, and clear your mind, as you […]

Breathing Your Sacred Word: A Meditation To Activate Your Relaxation Response!

I hope you enjoy the following mini-meditation to activate your relaxation response. Most of us are familiar with our stress response. Your muscles tighten, your brain fogs up, your heart races, and you feel overwhelmed with the pressures you’re facing.  But did you know that you also have a natural, built-in capacity to active your […]