The Relaxing Breath (easy as pie guided meditation for… ahhhhh)

Did you know that the rate and depth of your breathing profoundly affects your heart, brain, digestive, and immune functions? Today, I’d like to share a short guided meditation designed that uses your breath to activate the Relaxation Response. Click the following link to my new meditation “The Relaxing Breath” >>         […]

Enjoy “Peaceful Abiding Into Insight!” Beautiful Meditation to Clear Stress and Receive Insights!

Today, I’d like to share an excerpt from the next meditation in this series. It’s called “Peaceful Abiding Into Insight”. In this meditation, you’ll be guided into a deeply relaxing state of present moment awareness, in which you can enjoy the exquisite brilliance of “what is” right now…. Click HERE to enjoy my new “Peaceful […]

Healing Mindfulness Meditation – Using The Power of Mindfulness to Heal Any Difficult Experience!

I hope you enjoy the following Healing Mindfulness Meditation I created for you. As you listen, I’ll guide you to apply the power of mindfulness to a recent difficult moment, so you can experience a profound healing shift. Are you ready to feel good? 🙂 Click HERE to enjoy my new Healing Mindfulness Meditation >> […]

“Effortless Quiet Mind” – Guided Meditation to Clear Mental Stress and Receive Powerful Insights!

Today, I’m excited to share a short meditation called “Effortless Quiet Mind” and I think you’ll enjoy this… In just minutes, it clears your mind of stress, worry, mental chatter, and overwhelm by focusing into the sensation of calm silence in the center of your brain. I think you’re going to love this! ** Click […]

VIDEO: This “Instant Release” Meditation Clears ANY Block Fast!

In the next few minutes, you can dissolve any negative emotion, pattern, or belief… AND…easily return to your natural state of gratitude, joy, and profound peace! Watch the “instant release” meditation training here >> Actually this video is a short “best of compilation” of a webinar I did last year. You see, there’s a right […]

Does THIS bother you? PLUS Killer Meditation to Deflect Aggressive Resistance!

Does it bother you? When you look at your life and see you’re NOT getting the results you want? Or when you see disturbing things going on in the world… played over and over in the news? When things aren’t going how you’d like, it’s important to “take the power back,” but to do so […]

Growing The Love In Your Heart – Guided Meditation for Self-Love, Worthiness & Emotional Healing!

Did you know there are three qualities you need to grow genuine, healthy, loving relationships? In the following meditation called “Growing The Love In Your Heart,” I’ll guide you to embody these three qualities, so you can welcome deeper, more loving, connections in your life today! Enjoy the “Growing The Love In Your Heart” right […]

Meditation For Loving Relationships: Guided Practice for Self-Love, Worthiness & Emotional Healing!

As human beings we are made for love. We all long to love and be loved. Today, I’d like to share another beautiful meditation with you called “Meditation for Loving Relationships…”           This meditation guides you to guides you to envision a relationship you desire, release resistance that is holding you […]

Powerful Meditation to Erase Limiting Beliefs! (And Any Suffering Pattern)!

Here’s a powerful meditation to erase any limiting belief or past negative pattern you want to be free from. You’ll be guided into your past where the limiting belief first appeared in your life. Once there, you’ll remove the decision to create it and replace the limiting belief with a more empowering decision. Ready? Do […]

Enjoy This Powerful Gratitude Meditation!

Today I have a wonderful Gratitude Meditation for you. Did you know, it’s impossible to feel stressed or fearful when you’re feeling grateful? Gratitude helps you make friends with the present moment, bringing real inner peace. It’s also the energy that attracts what you desire with ease and grace. Just find a comfortable position, sit […]