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    Breathing Your Sacred Word: A Meditation To Activate Your Relaxation Response!

    tropical beachI hope you enjoy the following mini-meditation to activate your relaxation response. Most of us are familiar with our stress response. Your muscles tighten, your brain fogs up, your heart races, and you feel overwhelmed with the pressures you’re facing.  But did you know that you also have a natural, built-in capacity to active your relaxation response?

    In the following mini-meditation you’ll discover a simple technique to quickly activate your relaxation response and shift into deep relaxation.  It’s called “Breathing Your Sacred Word”. PRESS PLAY below to begin:

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    – Kevin & Matt

    P.S. If you’d like more meditations like this one, then please let us know in the Comments below. By the end of this powerful guided meditation, we think you’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear and feeling very good. And of course, if the following meditation doesn’t work out for you, then that’s okay — we already have plenty of new stuff we’re working on right now. But if you really want to inspire us to do more like this, let us know.

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