Enjoy The Amazing “Abundant Energy” Meditation Demo!

The FREE event begins Monday, January 4 when the first 7 days will be streamed for free. Click here to register for access to “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 7 Days“.

Wonderful news! We’ve just finished the demo track for our upcoming free meditation event. The demo track guides you in a guided 15-minute “abundant energy meditation” — to stimulate your energetic vibration and get you feeling —

• Joyful, radiantly alive and healthy, but also…
• Strong and powerful – fully grounded in your physical body, with…
• A calm and clear mind focused on what you truly desire.

Just follow the steps below, and above all, enjoy it —

STEP 1: Play the short introduction!

STEP 2: Play the 15-minute “abundant energy session”!

STEP 3: Click here to register for free access to “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 7 Days” (opens new window)

STEP 4: Answer the following question (either comment below or email): After doing the 15-minute “abundant energy session,” how do you feel on a scale of 0-10? What did you love most about the demo session and what do you feel would improve it? I look forward to hearing from you.

– Matt

P.S. TECHNICAL NOTE: At the moment, this demo is limited to flash streaming, which means you cannot listen on iPhone or iPad just yet. For the actual event, you can! For this demo, please listen on a desktop computer or flash ready mobile device.

  • Thanks Matt – That felt great! Loved the finger tapping to balance the energy as I walked 😉 I found myself drawn to walking in a figure 8 – infinity symbol pattern – is this something you would recommend?

    • Angela

      I just came across this meditation and did it in the afternoon.I will add this to my morning routine of my style yoga/meditation.Interestingly A Chinese friend introduced me to a standing meditation recently in a Tai Chi pose. i find it quite demanding but will persevere. Love the Gratitude bit. this is a worthwhile practice in itself. We can change any worry or complaint into a prayer of gratitude and then of course what we focus on we attract more of ,so more to be grateful for! thankyou so much Matt

      • clearyourstress

        You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. I suggest keeping it simple and just enjoying the practice in the beginning. Matt

  • Hey Nigel. Glad you enjoyed it. Love the idea of walking in a figure of 8!

  • Ramona

    Thanks, Matt,
    That was pleasant.
    Good idea to start with some physical activity/energy creation–it helps to loosen the muscles so the standing meditation was easier, and my hands were truly buzzing by that time too.

  • Very nice! The walking with finger tapping is a nice surprise, something new. I was a little distracted by all the suggestions during the gratitude phase, which may be good for those who are totally new to all this, but which kept me fighting to see my own focuses of gratitude with you interrupting. A bit longer quiet time for us to form our own thoughts?

    Thanks for this!

  • Hi Romona – that’s great. Yes, it’s a great feeling when the energy is flowing! 🙂

    Hi Nancy – glad you enjoyed the session. That’s great feedback too about too many suggestions. I often feel the same way when listening to guided instruction.

    Of course people who are learning the process probably want a bit more guidance at first, and once you have the hang of it, often quite a bit less. I’m thinking that the daily sessions will have less instructions once we have covered the basics.

    Of course, we’re just getting started here and I don’t want to make it too complex or challenging to begin with, but there are many more things we’ll be adding to the basic structure that will give your practice more skills and techniques to play with.

    Thanks again for all the feedback! And be sure to register for the free event here if you haven’t already:



  • Thank you Matt…that was a wonderful experience. I look forward to the 21-day Abundant Energy program!

  • Sandra Carter

    Wow it was very well done. I feel so much more relaxed yet energized. I have been doing meditations over the years but find that this was very different. Love it.
    Thanks Sandy

  • Genie

    Sad, it must be Flash because it doesn’t appear on my iPad mini

  • Renee

    Very interesting, the combination of energizing movement, grounded stillness with progressive relaxation and conscious creation/visualization. This is the first time I have experienced the three together. Makes for a wonderful and different experience. I can’t wait to get more

  • Thank you Matt. I am unable to follow the instructions of walking and standing because I have an inherited mobility disability which makes walking and standing very risky. I can fall without warning and then cannot get up without an ambulance to help. However I did enjoy doing as much as I could while sitting.

    • Just a reminder, you do need to be cleared for exercise by your doctor. Beyond that it’s okay to do the breath-walking at your own pace and sit for the meditation.

  • Ingela Twete Friberg

    Thank´s this meditation helps me very much and I have listen to this meditation
    a several times and I feel so good afterwards!

  • Sharon

    Thank you Matt! What an energizing experience, I really enjoyed the meditation and really felt the energy open up and flow! Am looking forward to the 21 day program. Thank you .

    • Great – thanks everyone! 🙂

      • Katiji

        Is the breathing 4 inhale and 4 exhale? This is very good. Thank you

  • David

    Hi Matt. I the meditation useful with less distractions. However my back ached a bit while standing. Sitting upright on straight chair works better for me. Many thanks. David

    • Hi David. Yes that’s very common. Assuming your doctor has cleared you for exercise, try and do the 5 minutes. It will get easier. And doing it will strengthen your energy and internal power. You can always sit down after and meditate in a seated position for longer

  • THANK YOU!!!!

  • its been a beautiful meditation

  • Is the breath done 4 inhales and 4 exhales – This is very good! Thank oyu.

  • Miloslav

    What experience,feel sun in my heart 🙂

  • Jackie

    Love it, Matt. I have challenges with meditation as I am unable to focus and my mind runs wild. So, the suggestions help me to focus beside guiding. Will play the recording several times. Thank you, Jackie

  • I truely enjoyed the meditation. I was listening on my computer and found that I could not walk to far because I would not be able to hear you. Can you do this practice by walking in place? After the entire session, I was extremely relaxed. This is great because it is about 4 PM central time and usally I am not this calm & peaceful. Do you recommend to do this in the morning?
    Thank you so much.

  • Ana

    Hi! Matt, thank for this section,it was really good for me, I’ve being practicing meditation for quite a long time now but this was different, after the practice I felt relax and calm it was very nice. thanks

  • Marie-Josée

    Hi Matt, I did not have a chance to do Day 1 yet because I usually do my meditation around 5:30AM (EST) before I leave for work and it was not available at that time. Do you think that the following meditations/days will be available earlier in the morning? Thanks

  • Maria

    Thank you! I really enjoyed it very much! I felt the energy flowing all the way through my body from my fingertips to my toes. Wonderful feeling. And the standing meditation made me feel conscious of the change of state from energized to relaxed. I include a thank you for coming across my path!!

  • Einsha

    Thank you for sharing your technique especially the reminder to create a gratitude list. I feel energised, (having woken up this morning yet again grieving that I had to do something to recharge and why cant life just be and provide some energy in these early days of retirement… )
    I found the breathing difficult, feeling restricted… any suggestions to alleviate the cause for this symptom

    • clearyourstress

      Hi Einsha – I suggest you go easy on yourself and just have the intention to simply enjoy yourself with this practice. Matt

  • yolanda

    Oh my gosh! I love it, I felt amazing after practicing this meditation. I felt positive energy arising in my body and I let go of my worries. Thank you I look forward to more of your meditation guidance and God Bless You.

  • Susan

    Thank you. Exceptionally well done. Feeling great.

  • NickyB

    Well, I have tears streaming down my face from the gratitude and visualisation sections…so all good! Thx :o)

  • heaven

    it felt very comfortable. music was joyful.

  • Chris Wrinn

    No player on the iPad, is there another way to access?

  • Catherine

    Thank you Matt, that was very sweet. Thank you for your sharing.
    Good wishes,

  • Beth

    Hi Matt-Thank you so much for sharing this dynamic yet relaxing meditation.It left me feeling calmer .And I am grateful for the introduction and explanation of each element.

    • clearyourstress

      You’re welcome 🙂

  • zaneta garratt

    this was beautiful and very helpful

  • Aline

    Oh Matt, thank you so much. I feel wonderful now. I like the combination of body movement, breathing and then stillness and gratitude.

  • Susan

    Absolutely lovely and just what I needed! Love the combination of ‘source practices from so many different disciplines. I really needed this today, and will continue. Thank you!

  • ZenMaster Tam Pham

    Hey, Matt. The word “Stress” wipes out all benefits of being a “Joyful You” NOW!

  • miriam

    i finally got myself to do this! was good… i liked the walking,but found it a bit difficult to co-ordinate the different parts..the breathing wasn’t too hard,but the breathing and tapping the fingers together was difficult enough..just practice i suppose.i enjoyed the standing,the mind was a bit monkeyish..i liked the creative visualising,feeling gratitude for all i have and imagining my ideal world… nice to focus on that ,nourishing…thanks Matt,tis good stuff..

    • clearyourstress

      Wonderful 🙂

  • jobato

    awesome fantastic, I am great I feel great all is wonderfull.Dear Mark what i do really like was, get in touch with all this people very very significante to me,andthe sensation after a day where you did all you wanted,and allyour dream come true.Thank you very very much, and please keep send those marvellous experiences.God bless you.

    • clearyourstress

      Great 🙂

  • Deb

    Hi Matt I tried to order the upgrade and the clearing package and something went wrong. Is there a way to contact you by phone or email?

  • April

    One of the best ever – especially the gratitude bit.

  • greensteves

    I had a hard time following the instructions for coordinating hand movements, breathing, and walking. Some visuals, e.g. a video or illustrations of the steps, would have been helpful. Otherwise, I think you may be on to something good.

  • morna

    Coordinating breathing with finger tapping was a bit challenging, especially with the segmented breath. I do feel more energy moving in my body. Imaging my perfect future is also challenging, but feeling grateful was easy while looking out the window at the full moon in the dawn sky. Thank you, Matt!

    • Matt Clarkson

      Great – the breath-walking is really quite easy once you get in the swing of it 🙂

  • Derek

    This was a wonderful meditation and when thinking of health, family and friends in the
    gratitude part of meditation tears rolled down my cheeks.Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

  • That was amazing, Matt! I had been tired from sitting and concentrating for several hours. After the movement part of the meditation, my whole body was tingling with energy, and my mind was totally clear. The standing meditation was more challenging, attempting to relax my muscles while standing in the position you described. The final section was pleasant, just too short to imagine many aspects of the future. I loved the last part of letting go and trusting. Thank you!

  • lindsay

    Hi Matt long time no hear!! Just to let you know I am very impressed and without sounding ‘corny’ its just what I have been looking for. I promise to give you a mention in my book. Thank’s again Lindsay

  • Vi

    Unfortunately, I am physically under the weather today but I did listen and enjoyed it very much. It was truly relaxing. I would like to try it when. I am feeling better.

  • Alonso Lopez

    Thanks again Matt. This is a big one. Moving,standing and gratitude with U2