HTCA Day 7: “The Power Of Dogged Persistence: Putting It All Together So You Can ‘Finish The Job’ Of Inner Clearing And Open To The Boundless Bliss Of Your Inner Truth!”

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  • Aline

    Dear Matt,

    my heartful thanks for your wonderful meditations With every passing day the meditations became better and better and the last two were just beautiful and I felt pur bliss.

    Now I decided that I upgrade this programm. I upgrade despite the fact that I don’t like the interview-style of your “sessions”. The female voice seems to me not very compassionate, the kind of asking and giggling and laughing not professionally. Your deep and very insightful explanations had not the adequate frame. I like humor, also in the field of meditation, psychology and religion. But everything has its place.

    I appreciate very much what you are and do and I wish you as much success, flow. love and peace as you can handle.


  • Alonso Lopez

    Dear Matt,,
    Today i had a wonderfull ride in my bicicle. I made little changes to your walking meditation and i made my own bicicle meditation and was just great, my monkey was so happy all the 40 km.
    And Again Matt Thanks,thanks you are a really GREAT LIGHT.


  • Matt Clarkson

    Great – good work, Alonso 🙂