HTCA Day 3: “The Miracle: The Magic Ingredient To Clear Anything Fast!”

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  • Diane

    It sounds like in today’s discussion you were talking about compassion. Being compassionate with where you are. By being gentle with yourself, that is in a way accepting/allowing what is & thereby reducing resistance. Am I understanding correctly?

    • Matt Clarkson

      Hi Diane – yes, that’s right. Compassion is another synonym for welcoming. Today we were talking more about clearing the feeling of resistance and wanting to change and control what we don’t like. Tomorrow we’ll talk more about letting go of beating yourself up, which is another huge sticking point. As you say, that’s where compassion and loving yourself etc., come into play.


  • suzanna

    I understand …one has to be willing and open but what if you are following all the steps and things just keep getting worst …how can I keep that positive thought to continue ? .

    • Matt Clarkson

      Hi Suzanna.

      First, well done for beginning the clearing process.

      The truth is that thoughts come and go — both those we would label as “good” and “bad,” “better” or “worse”. Some experts say we have in the region of 50,000 thoughts per day – maybe that’s not that exact number, but it’s a lot of thoughts nevertheless..

      In my experience, trying to make your thoughts positive is a waste of effort and actually doesn’t work anyway. Check for yourself inwardly and see whether trying to make your thoughts positive actually works.

      You’ll find that the more we try to control our thoughts, the messier it becomes. The best approach is to “welcome” even the thoughts you don’t like. That way they become less sticky and pass through awareness more easily. The deeper you continue with this process, the more you free yourself from the limitations of all suffering.

      If you’ve been repressing stuff for a long time, then sometimes there is an unloading effect as you move through it. Keep going and know that “this too shall pass”.


  • Dorann Sireikis

    Blessings to you, Matt: Wonderful meditation; I feel so much more relaxed and in the flow, and the welcoming process really dissolves resistance easily. Many thanks and appreciation to you.

  • Iztok Obal

    In addition, to answer Suzy’s question Why would you love “it” (the “bad”)? Because you are showing true understanding (appreciation) to how things really are in the Universe. ALL is there for our expansion, our growth. Even if we don’t momentarily understand why. Calling it bad just shows we are not at the level where we truly understand it. Basically, all is there to do something “good” for us.

  • Rani Klose

    Awesome,just my feelings,When we let go of negativity from ourselves & those that have hurt us,letting go,or releasing,sets oneself free from & the other free,forgiveness is of utmost importance,even if it take awhile, Then we can move from love,to loving,Much Gratitude for sharing, Loving Light Surround All❤❤❤