HTCA Day 2: “How To Clear Negative Patterns Stored In Your Body On A Cellular Level!”

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  • João Carlos DE Oliveira

    I loved this session, maily the walking maditation. good idea for when I have to walk long distances. feel les tired. Pay more attention at what suround me moment by moment. Thanks Matt.

  • Bianca

    I am trying to listen to this and it keeps cutting out like last time and I have to keep refreshing the page.

  • Wanda

    I like your giggling, by the way. It reminds me not to take myself or things so seriously.

  • Joanne Coulton

    Two and half years ago i had to walk away from a career that i loved. Unfortunately, i was dealing with an abusive manager; a Bully. Many other tragic events occurred simultaneously, all these various outside circumstances contributed to my emotion break. This emotional situation was so very overwhelming, that I began to believe ‘this is who I am’! Your programs have opened some of the new doors! I am Starting on my journey back to the creative process & person that I once was! It is wonderful to finally find a methodology that makes sense! Living through the depressive state, I was vexed as to how I gotten into the emotional void… The explanation of the states of emotions catorically make sense!
    I have been working on the path of mindfulness and awareness! Meditation, yoga, breathing, and generally being grateful! I have seen the terrible results of feeling or being stuck! Thank you for sharing your gift! I am growing!

  • Lenni Cunningham

    I do the moving meditation when I am in the pool. Bringing the sun and the wind and all my surroundings. I have seen quail, rabbit and a whole host of other flying creatures. I watch the cloud formations and give thanks for just how blessed I am to be surrounded by such beauty, and for my eyes and ears.Namaste.