Episode 1: Introducing “Attract And Keep The Love You Want!”: Getting Clear About The Love You Want And Releasing Hold-Backs To Having It!

Welcome to the following sneak-preview of Episode 1 of “Attract And Keep The Love You Want!” Follow the steps below to get started:

STEP 1: Grab A Pen & Paper, Then Play The Audio Session
STEP 2: Play The 11-Minute ‘Attract The Love You Want’ Meditation!


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– Matt

  • Amanda

    I’ve always thought that the reason I haven’t found the love I’m looking for is because I’m just not meeting the kind of man I want to be with – that it’s simply an unfathomable combination of luck and timing. But doing this meditation has helped me see that I don’t feel worthy enough to be with him yet – because I have a deep-seated belief that in order to attract someone intelligent, attractive, accomplished etc I need to be all those things too. So it comes down to accepting that I am already good enough. Thank you.

  • Paul

    I have been through 2 divorces, one I sought, and one that was sprung upon me after 26 years of marriage, on our anniversary of all days. Currently in my 3rd marriage, with a woman who I dearly loved as a HS classmate, and who pulled me out of a stroke simply by a phone call; when we first go together is was like the 4th of July, then 4 years later, the intimacy died off. Now over 11 years of being together, I feel so alone it’s feeding into the question, is it me, or what is it? No answers come. A year and a half ago, a dear friend whom I’ve known for 10 years now, seemed to come to my rescue, at least intellectually; she is a fountainhead of wisdom, and our conversations are always comforting. I still love my wife, and know she has some problems that have prevented us from being closer, yet we have drifted apart in many ways as well, and my friend has filled in the intellectual part, yet we have never even kissed. Now, however, my wife has made some actions that have even prevented my friend and I to maintain contact. Sunday, I lost my job due to apparent actions my wife made, and I’m heart-broken. What’s next?