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  • Francisco

    Hi. Matt. Thank you very much for your “Abundant Energy” Sessions. I’m doing them and I’m feeling wonderfully!

  • Roxana

    Thanks Matt!Happy from inside!the importance of the simple!

  • Well, I’m sticking to this because it’s the only thing that has helped me clear my mind of negative thoughts so far. I really love the active phase part of the meditation and I think that’s the key thing for me because I really am a kinesthetic person.

  • Donna

    Thank you Matt, this has helped me ease the knot in my stomach and find the positive, relaxed me. During conscious creation time, should we also be standing then or can we sit? I know we should stand for standing meditation.
    I love the conscious creation phase, have a little trouble running my whole perfect day through my head in just 5 minutes, but sometimes sit for longer with that as it is very comforting. At first found it very difficult to “let go” of my perfect day and give it to the universe as I hope the universe understands what it is I am desiring and did I imagine it correctly to paint the right picture? Now I feel more happy to ‘just trust’ that my thoughts have been give and that I am doing the right things to move toward my deepest desires for the future. I have trouble really feeling all the emotions of total happiness and joy and gratitude in my body as if they were here today. It is tricky to be able to manifest those beautiful feelings, is that normal? I do though get a bit teary and emotional when I imagine how wonderful it will be for all my thoughts and wishes to be a reality as it feels like wishing for something that has seemed out of my reach after a rough couple of years.
    Love to hear any of your advice about conscious creation and thank you so much for your program. 🙂

  • Thanks Matt, good thing to start the day like this. Love, Bram

  • Oke, I see I did miss some information.
    It was not clear to me that I had to be a golden member to follow the complete 21 days. I did started, so now I want to finish and I will be a golden member from now. Love Bram