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  • Roxana

    Thank you! In the moorning i did it and then i went out for running,with the counting of 4 in the mind,it was simple,better,fun and happy,a perfect day with sun,trees,a lot of people moving ,animals,and kids.I feelt wonderfull,relax and clear. I do the second part meditation by a tree,and the energy was incredible!Blessings to you Matt,you transmit energeticaly by the tone of your voice,and then it s easy to remember the breathing.Thank you very much!!!!

  • Alonso

    Thans matt for these 6 joy full days

  • Very easy, short, and giving good results fast. Love it. Thank you!

  • It’s wonderful how I’m seeing an increase in my ability to focus while I meditate. It’s because of that active phase for sure.

  • Geraldine

    Hi Matt ! This is so nice to practice : the 2 first 5′ are great : no thoughts – but while the last part, once more again, like yesterday, and day 4 I cannot stay focus on what you are saying… Could you give me some advice please ? Thank you Matt.

  • Geraldine

    Hi Matt ! the 2 first 5′ are great : no thought – but for the last 5′, once more again today, I cannot stay focus on what you say + some painful area in my back.. Would you, please, give some advice to stay focus ? Thank you.

  • So wonderful!

  • Evelyn Chuter

    Loving it. Thanks !