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  • Here’s “Matt’s Personal Breath-Walking Playlist”:

    Once again, music is a personal thing, so this is just a suggestion. If it works for you, great. If not, by all means you can create your own:

    Elevation (Influx Mix) – U2
    Electrical Storm – U2
    Acquiesce – Oasis
    Give It Away – The Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Desire – U2
    Galvanize – The Chemical Brothers



  • Elsa

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roxana

    thank you for the list i will try u2! These days the music,and voice returns in my mind suddenly (!!)in moments i need to pay atention to breath!!!II do my class of streching with the breathing in 4 and was different,I like these meditation,you organized it very well and it s diferent feeling, takes the energy from feets to heart ,then crown,feets,tantien and heart and crown with gratitude…joy and feel well! I imagined a line to the center of earth and another to the space ,and in “stand meditation” it s feels abundant energy,like un alignment .I do the 3 parts with my mind walking home and i feel the same!If you could… please repeat the thing about the tempo of the music,i can t understand it,cause it s not my language,we can find music searching with that tempo?.thank you Matt!!!

  • I have found that if I also move my arms up and down during the active phase, that really gets my energy going. I do the tapping with my fingers, lift my knees up high and my arms as well – that really pumps me up and then the energy flow I feel during the meditation goes great. Negative thoughts can’t creep up on me when I’m feeling like this!

  • Geraldine

    Thank you Matt for your playlist !
    I am feeling very good during the 2 first tracks. About the 3rd, I am feeling that my legs are not so relaxed than while the 2nd track. I need to move a little to be well in my body..and I am not enough focused on what you said. Please, do you have some tips to be in harmony ? Thank you Matt !

  • Thank you

  • Sue

    Thank you I liked it very much.

  • this just really helps my anxiety to dissipate and helps my ADHD

  • Abiy

    Thanks a lot Matt for this helpful training. I skipped it yesterday and felt rather guilty as i was feeling that I am boosting my energy level.

    However, I have some issues, which were also raised by other people in partaking in this venture. I have a problem of raising my toes slightly upwards, and bending my knees slightly makes me feel awkward. Relaxing and bending my knees slightly do not feel congruent. Tapping the fingers is OK but when I speed-up and try to be funkier, i loose track of my inhaling and exhaling. Hope this will straighten itself with more practice?

    With best wishes,


  • Jasmine

    Thanks Matt for these wonderful sessions.But I do have some questions:how do I visualize,as I find, it doesn’t work.And this one is the most pressing one,how do I stop resisting something,like my wandering mind/thoughts etc.?I am still having hard time in letting go,or resisting.Please any advice would be great.Thanks again!

    • Matt Clarkson

      Hi Jasmine,

      Glad you’re enjoying the sessions! When it comes to
      visualizing, you don’t have to rely on seeing. You can use whatever senses work best for you. Feel free to get a “feel” of what it would be
      like and bring in all your other senses in whatever way works best for

      I understand your frustration about resistance, but here’s
      thing — resisting your resistance is just more resistance, which doesn’t help! The way you clear resistance is by giving it permission,
      allowing, or welcoming the feelings. That’s what gets them moving. You can also welcome what’s beyond the resistance too, and that’s why I suggest that the focus of this practice is just to have fun, and to enjoy the movement and the breathing as best you can. The practice will take care of the resistance in time – just have enjoy as best you can.


  • Thanks. I notice that my focus during the day is more peaceful.
    I’m exiting what this 21 days process will bring me.
    Also good to focus me on my ideal future!
    Love, Abraham

  • Sandy

    Peace! Day 4 is alive with possibility and empowered with clarity. Gratitude feels SO good and brings warmth to being present to today. Ideal feels like today, right now and just radiating in this moment and out to my day.