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  • Melanie

    Have the first three days been the same recordings? Just want to be sure I’m getting the right feeds. Very relaxing!

    • Cheryl

      I noticed the same thing…

  • Rehya

    Yes. I guess it´s the same and it´s being great! I´m enjoying it a lot.

  • Alonso

    three days of joy thanks Matt

  • jim

    It’s working for me as well

  • Christine

    I notice how well the moving part works.It feels good !Thank you.

  • thank you so much! this is touching me deep to the core. Third day and everytime i feel such a deep gratitude,though crying. Or maybe crying because of that.

  • Thank you 🙂 Crying can be a good healthy release of locked up emotion. You can do seated meditation and be with it and love the emotion. Keep going ! 🙂

  • My third day and still feeling good about doing this meditation. It really helps me stay focused and my mind doesn’t wander so much when I do the meditation and I don’t have those negative voices popping in my head. It’s really helping me get more focused.

  • Ruth


  • Anna Scheller

    Enjoying these meditations. This is helping me focus on the extraordinary power of trusting God and how much I truly have. You’re right, Matt. You can’t be grateful and feel fear, frustration or despair. I am particularly enjoying the standing meditation.

    • Matt Clarkson

      Great 🙂

  • Thanks again, feels good and I’m grateful that we join this program.
    Love Bram
    PS, every session step 2 stops by +/- 7 minutes
    Is that an failure on my pc?

  • Gail

    Thank you! I truley enjoyed this session. Unfortunately I missed day 1&2 as I’ve been spending all my spare time visiting my mother in law at the hospital. I am so glad I made time for this today. Thank you 🙂

  • Sandy

    Great sensations of bliss, happiness and aliveness even though I missed day 2. Invigorating and refreshing!