Striving For Stuff: The Stress of Over Acquiring

The Rat Race is so named for good reason. Modern life can put us on a fast track to nowhere, if we let it. We work harder, faster, and longer hours…so we can buy stuff to make us feel better for working so long and hard. And we wonder why we’re always dealing with stress. […]

It Takes a Village to Beat Depression, So Why Are You Doing It Alone?

Trying to beat depression? Here’s a clue: depression and isolation are best buds. If you’re down in the dumps, then you probably haven’t felt like going out and socializing lately. I get it, I do, but if you really want to nip this depression thing in the bud, then it may be time to re-think […]

Stressed and Depressed? You May be Exhausted

 Whatever happened to rest? In our 24/7 world, rest is sneered at, a sign of weakness, an indulgence, a flaw. Some of us carry our stress as a badge of honor, to show how hard we work. Inside, though, we may be crying for sleep, and dreaming of a new support group, where we can […]

Learn How to Deal With Stress and Beat Depression Through Acceptance

If you’re reading this, then you likely already know that stress and depression go hand and hand. Stress is the feeling you get when you feel that something really important is out of your control and you just have to do something about it—no matter what! Depression is what you feel when you’ve driven yourself […]

Gratitude: Your Secret Weapon to Fight Every Kind of Negative Thinking

If there were a magic pill that would solve all your problems, would you take it? Well, there is a way of thinking that lifts up our lives, and is easy to swallow as well. Whether you are fighting depression, stress, or feelings of lack, deep gratitude is your best defense. In 1910, Wallace Wattles […]

Are You Inviting Stress Into Your Life?

Stress causes so many uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms. Migraines, stomach aches, sweaty palms, and that terrible feeling of overwhelm that makes you want to curl up in a fetal position. If stress is so misery-inducing, then why in the world would people invite it into their lives? Whether you know it or not, that […]

Blast Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in 3 Easy Steps

Stress can be a good thing. It can alert us to potential threats, give us a heads up that we need to change our behaviors or circumstances, and even motivate us to do our best. When stress becomes too much to handle or when we don’t know how to deal with stress appropriately, though, it […]

3 Steps From Stress to Empowerment!

With all the talk about stress these days, you’d think we’d all be very aware when we are stressed-out and understand the consequences of it. However, over the past 30 years working with clients and myself, I’ve discovered that we often don’t fully understand the magnitude of the impact of stress. Most of us are […]

Controlling Self-Doubt With Mindful Meditation Methods

Do you know what you want out of life but can’t seem to muster up the confidence you need to go out and get it? If so, chances are you are dealing with self-doubt. Everyone experiences self-doubt from time to time, but when left uncontrolled, self-doubt can keep you from achieving your goals, steal the […]

Dissolving Stress With Stillness

Does your brain sometimes feel like Grand Central Station—with countless thoughts rushing around, stressing you out, and taking you away from your calm center? In the following short meditation, you can take a short break from all that mental busyness to quiet your mind and feel the peace that’s available underneath all the commotion. CLICK […]