Don’t Stress! Embrace Your Uniqueness!

Because we are such complicated creatures we do have a tendency to be high strung about everything. Most of our stress factors too stem from the fact that we have so much confidence in ourselves that we have a tendency to want to do it all. We live in dream world of perfection and order […]

3 Easy Ways Balancing Your Body Can Balance Your Life

If you find your days getting a little lopsided, it might be time to find out if you can still stand on one foot. That may sound silly, but in fact if our bodies are off center, it may be telling us something. If we spend too many days tied to a desk, or in […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Life With Positive Thinking!

We all remember the story of “The Little Engine That Could.” A long train can’t get over the mountain, but is refused help by many of the larger engines until the little blue engine offers to pull him over. He repeats the mantra “I think I can” and is able to pull the train up […]

The Perils of Thinking You Know What I’m Thinking

Even though you probably know this intellectually, it may elude you in the heat of your day to day interactions.  That can lead to all sorts of miscommunication and conflict.  In this post, we’ll look at the huge ramifications of a powerful insight and how we can work with it to work better with each […]

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Are You Giving It to Yourself? What Self-Respect Means for Your Happiness and How to Start Respecting Yourself Today

What comes to mind when you think of the word “respect”? Whether or not you hear Aretha Franklin singing in the back of your head, most of us see respect as something that is given to us by others. But, what about self-respect? Are you treating yourself with the same respect that you desire and […]

What is Enlightenment and How to Attain It

Let’s talk a bit more about what enlightenment is so you have a better idea of what we are describing. Enlightenment is a word that has many different applications. Interestingly, there is even a period of European history in the 1700’s known as the “Age of Enlightenment,” but it has little to do with the […]

Tension Headaches? 6 Steps To Stop Them Dead!

For the untrained and the unlearned when it comes to anxiety, the most common symptom when you are stressed are brought about by headaches. However, tension headaches can also be considered as the most common to occur among the many different headache types so it’s quite important to know when you are experiencing from one. […]

11 Of The Best Foods To Lower Stress

If you want to stay healthy then keeping your stress under control can be one of the best things you can do. When you are experiencing a lot of stress in your life you will be more at risk to develop colds, heart disease, high blood pressure, and a host of other health ailments. There […]

5 Tips to Clear Up Communications

We live in the Communication Age.  Yet while instant communication through countless digital devices has taken over the world, it’s easy to lose some communication basics that make for “real” good interaction.  Because of that, we can end up with communication misfires that escalate tension.  In this post, we’ll explore 5 Tips to prevent and […]

How Men and Women Do Stress Differently

Stress is a hot-button topic for most of us these days. Whether it’s from job insecurity, financial pressures, family safety, interpersonal conflict, health issues, or just the speed and intensity of life these days, if you’re alive on the planet, you’re probably feeling it.  Did you know that men and women naturally respond to stress […]