VIDEO: 4 Ways To Boost Your Energetic Frequency Fast

Do you ever struggle with stress, fear, irritability, and other crummy emotions? (We all do – the world is volatile right now). Would you like to FEEL BETTER? Even raise your “normal” baseline and live your life from a HIGHER feeling place? Then I think you’ll be excited to see this video I made for […]

1-Page “Energy Center” Analysis

Greetings 🙂 Thought I’d follow-up and see how you’re getting on? Things are busy over here in Thailand…. As you know, one of the things I love to do with clients is have them take Kevin’s “3-Minute Energy Center Quiz” every 3-6 months. Why? The quiz highlights specific issues with our energetic frequency (and attitude). […]

Appreciation Is the Key to Cooperation

Do you show sincere appreciation in every situation you can where someone does something nice for you, is helpful to you, or does something that benefits you in some way? And, do you approach delicate situations with other people at work or in your personal life with appreciation for their strong points?  And are you […]

3-Min Quiz Measures Your Vibration With Uncanny Accuracy! (PLUS Specific Tips To Raise It!)

A few years ago, Kevin created something really neat and now I’m “borrowing” it 🙂 His 3-minute quiz reveals how each of your major Energy Centers is affecting your health, your energetic frequency, and your life: Recently I’ve been using the quiz with clients to get a “before” and after “snapshot”. It seems to […]

Emotionally Drained at Work? Reduce Stress and Gain Energy With These Tips

My mom is a social worker and sometimes she would come home crying and broken from some of the people she was helping. She specializes in at-risk-youth ranging from 7 to 17 years of age. Most of these youths would have ended up in jail, doing drugs or worse, dead if it wasn’t for my […]

Final courtesy reminder :)

This is the final courtesy reminder before we must move on with other topics. The special bonus package for Core Energy Meditation expires TODAY. When you get Core Energy Meditation before 11.59pm EST TODAY, you also get these amazing bonuses included: 1) The “Radiant Health & Vital Energy Toolkit” – Simple meditation techniques to boost […]

Five Top Tips to Manage Stress

Stress is a major factor in all our lives and indeed some stress is good for us. It keeps us alert, stretches us achieve more than we could initially have envisaged and makes us dig deep within ourselves. But sustained stress over long periods of time or experienced in several areas of our lives simultaneously […]

Core Energy Meditation (special ends SUNDAY, 11:59pm EST)

Over the past week or so, we’ve been sharing some of our best information with you about Core Energy Meditation. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. 🙂 A key part was the 3-minute meditation quiz, which shows you which of your energy centers might be causing you trouble, in your meditation practice and in life. Anyway, […]

Your Core Energy Meditation FAQs

We’re getting all kinds of questions about Core Energy Meditation, which I will answer in today’s email. Also, the deadline to get the 4 awesome bonuses (see below) included with your order is Sunday, at 11:59pm EST. >>>> Here’s your answers to FAQs: Q. What is Core Energy Meditation and why is it so popular? […]

Stress And Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding is a major cause of tooth wear, chipped teeth and pain associated with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and studies have linked grinding, also known as bruxism, to stress and anxiety. In addition to a correlation between stress and tooth grinding, tooth grinding can also be caused by issues with the bite. How is stress […]