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    Help Your Toddler Stay Calm – Teach Them Patience

    Mother teaching her little childHaving a toddler in house is a 24-hour job. It can be very stressful as you are there to teach them how and when to eat, sleep, grasp a toy, throw it, and a number of other daily things – while trying to maintain your own adult obligations. One of the most important things you will constantly have to work on is how to keep them calm. Toddler’s world is all about satisfying their basic needs and in order to have some peaceful and less stressful times in your house during their growing up, your toddler will have to get to know one of the most valuable virtues – patience. Here are some tips on how to achieve that.

    Physical Involvement

    Children are full of energy, especially after a nap or a meal. That energy must be emptied, so physical movements are a perfect solution. Have in mind that physical involvement will not only include the toddler, but you as well. Just be careful not to overdo it and avoid getting hurt.

    Learning Through Games

    Unless you want a nervous child who wants everything here and now, you will have to think of an approach that is suitable to the age and mental development. In the scientific circles today, there is a shift from traditional learning to learning through games. Games should be age-appropriate and interactive. No matter if you are standing in line at the bank or preparing dinner, you child will want to draw your attention. This is not a bad sign, because children at that age are dependent and will want to be at the center of your activities.

    If at home and, say, checking email , you do not want your child to disturb you. You can try giving him/her a wooden puzzle, not a big one that he/she would not be able to complete, but a small one, and with a lot of colors. Find one with their favorite cartoon, and your child will be overwhelmed by your gesture.

    If at the doctor’s, waiting for an appointment, your child may feel nervous in an environment full of unknown people, so one 0f the ways you can distract them from being loud or scared is to introduce role play. Goofing around and pretending you are in a cartoon the child loves watching can be a great activity your child will want to take part in. As a plan B, you may bring puppets with you and tell them a story. Use your imagination and do not be afraid of it.

    Positive Praise

    If your child behaved properly, you should give them positive praise – so that they recognize their good behavior and can repeat it afterwards. They will be proud of themselves and will tend to repeat the expected behavior.

    Keeping your toddler calm will reduce overall stress in your household, so the best time to start working on it is now. And work can be fun, because you also may learn to relax and enjoy the games.

    Author Bio: Melissa Stevens is healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly living enthusiast and blogger. She is working with teenagers, so she recommends extra precaution with this topic. Informational credit to Good To Play.

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