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    10 Stress-Busting Ideas For a Healthier Pregnancy

    There are many stress-busting ideas for a healthier pregnancyPregnancy is the one of the most important times of a woman’s life. Her main priority becomes the baby slowly growing inside her, and from then on, everything starts revolving around him.

    Stress is one of the most perilous (and avoidable) factors in a woman’s pregnancy.  Stress-induced deliveries are often very painful, and stress can also complicate development of the baby.  Low birth weight and pre-term delivery are often associated with excessive stress or depression during pregnancy.  Here are some stress-busting ideas for a healthier pregnancy:

    1) Keep light exercise in your daily routine

    Light exercise, such as walking at a moderate pace or doing breathing exercises for fifteen minutes, goes a long way toward reducing stress levels in the body. Blood circulation also benefits, increasing the oxygen supply to all parts of the body of an active pregnant woman, as compared to one who is inactive or bed-ridden. There are other exercises, such as light swimming or yoga poses, that do not put strain on the abdominal area. Better blood and oxygen supply means better health of the baby, as well as the mother.

     2) Acupuncture

    During pregnancy, acupuncture treatments can help to curb stress to keep expectanct mothers healthy. This treatment usually involves pins and needles inserted at various pressure points in the body, which release stress or pain from that particular area. Acupuncture leads to the release of endorphins, which can make you feel happy and relaxed. A stress-free mind and the production of stress reducing hormones in the body may help the baby grow healthier, and may reduce the chance of developing a high-risk pregnancy. Also, aches or pains that can occur during pregnancy period are healed wonderfully by acupuncture treatments.

    3) Be Busy Creatively

    Creativity is the middle name of a healthy life. The baby has already started seeing, hearing and feeling the world through your senses. So make sure her experiences are lovely. In addition, the food you eat, the activities you participate in and the atmosphere in which you are immersed also affect the baby. So make sure that you are listening to soothing music that uplifts your spirit and makes your heart sing. If you have an artistic inclination, take some time out to sketch or paint, write poetry or simply keep a journal of the experiences you are having as your pregnancy progresses.

    4) Pay Attention to Your Diet

    You are likely receiving a lot of unsolicited advice about what to eat and what not to eat, since you are carrying a baby and need much more nutrition than usual.  However, apart from eating those “rich and healthy” foods that every pregnant woman is supposed to consume, be sure to eat sufficient dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables loaded with iron, Vitamin A,B, C, Calcium and Omega 3 fatty acids. This will help you feel more alert and energetic throughout the day, and can prevent mood swings.

    5) Check Your Water Intake

    Gastric intolerance is faced by many pregnant women, so if you are being troubled by pain, bloating, acidity or irregular bowel movements, drink several liters of water every day to aid in digestion.  Proper digestion and smooth gastric functioning can reduce stress, and will also send top-notch nutrients to the baby.

    6)  Avoid Work Exhaustion

    If you are a career woman, you may have months to go before it’s time to take maternity leave. Until then, be sure not take up tasks that will cause mental or physical stress, since that may impact the baby adversely. The initial months of pregnancy are equally as important as the last ones, so learn to say no whenever you need to.

    7)  Avoid I Will do It All Myself  Syndrome

    Women have a terrible habit of measuring their worth by their capacity to be superwomen, and anything less than that makes them feel guilty or inferior. Please do not fall into this trap! Delegate housework and ask for help whenever you need it. If you can afford to pay someone to clean for you during these months, great; if not, ask the family members to share the chores.

    8) Get Enough Sleep

    You should pack in 8 hours of sleep or more in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Your body gets quite exhausted carrying the baby weight around all day, and sleep can also help to ward off the everyday illnesses that can be common during pregnancy.

    9) Spend Time With Your Partner

    This is by far, the most important tip to relieve stress.  Getting hugs from your husband, or some affectionate cuddling,  will give you much needed emotional support, which goes a long way to keeping stress at bay. Plus, it will send the message of love to your little one, who is experiencing this beautiful feeling through you!

    #10 Spend Time in Nature

    Mother Nature has uncanny power to heal and calm, even in the most adverse of times. So spend time near the ocean or go for a walk with friends or family near the lake. Go out and take a walk in the woods, absorb the colors of the trees and flowers and feel the freshness of the air around you. Release your concerns to nature and let its magic flow down to your child!

    Nelson Homes is a blogger for Hall and Wrye. For more information visit their website. He likes to blog for beauty and skin care related topics, and in his free time likes to research on various cosmetic surgery procedures.

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