Dealing With the Stress of Being Responsible

As we get older many of us find that we accumulate an increasing number of responsibilities from the diverse areas of our lives. Finding a balance and introducing appropriate ways of dealing with the stress of being responsible can weigh heavy as we become busier and aspire to increased success. Let’s look at ways of […]

Monday Morning Blues – Dislike the Thought of Going Back to Work?

If the blues already start on Sunday evening, ask yourself the following questions: What exactly is going on that makes you feel like this now? Perhaps you did not finish something on Friday that you should have. Or perhaps there is somebody in the office you are dreading to see because you have an unresolved […]

Feel Good in 10 Minutes: Try This Exercise

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” -Proverbs 18:21 Words have a special power. Whether they are written or they are spoken, there is a certain magic behind what they can do. Well, it’s not really magic, but it can seem like it […]

Dealing With the Stress of Debt

If you are dealing with stress and anxiety caused by consumer debt, then you know how heavy the burden can be. It can make your heart race, and your hands shake. Maybe you just want to close your eyes and not think about it. But when you open your eyes again, the debt is still […]

The Link Between Stress and Weight Gain

Stress will always be a natural part of your life, but if your under stress to much it can have some really damaging effects on your health one being weight gain. What is the link between stress and weight gain though? The answer is cortisol. Cortisol typically works to fix any imbalances in your body […]

How to Use Office Stress Management Techniques to Succeed in Your Career

Office stress management techniques can be extremely valuable for handling those pesky little issues that come up in your office. You really can cope with office stress without losing your steam or losing sleep every night! The most common types of stress that affects us today is office related stresses. Millions of people deal with […]

How to Be Happy Every Day

I’ve been asked the same question over and over again throughout my life: “Why are you so happy?” The question isn’t why am I so happy; it’s why not? Happiness is a choice that is made every day. It isn’t a permanent state of being that a person is somehow gifted with for all of […]

7 Ways For Women To Be Happier At Work

Everyone knows someone (and maybe it’s even you) who needs a little happiness boost at work. Most of the time, the unhappiness comes from your own choices and beliefs about the situation at your workplace. This article will dispel all your false assumptions and behaviors that keep you feeling trapped and unfulfilled at work. Now […]

What is Stress Costing You?

Stress: Pressure, strain, or force that tends to distort a body; a factor that induces bodily or mental tension Are you one of the millions of people being negatively affected by stress? Do you know how much your stress level is costing you in terms of your physical, mental, and emotion wellness? Do you know […]

Refresh Your Resistance to Stress

Have you ever wished you had a “refresh” button for your life? Perhaps you knew you had too much stress in your life and you worked hard to reduce it. You created positive habits and turfed some old routines that were not serving your physical and mental well being. Unfortunately, if you are not careful, […]