How To Save A Life

Have you ever wondered “how to save a life?” – I mean really SEARCHED for the answer to that question? It’s powerful to do that, you know 🙂 What does it really take to save a human life from the deepest hurts imaginable, and even the brink of destruction and annihilation? Here’s a little more […]

Why we get stuck in fear, sadness and grief

There are several reasons why we get stuck in fear, sadness and grief etc… But here is one of the most critical reasons… something that most people miss. (Ironically, it’s also one of the quickest and easiest to fix…) First, notice something about emotional states like fear, sadness, grief, procrastination, depression: They are all states […]

How Great Stories Help Heal Depression and Stress

One of the side effects of anxiety, stress, and depression, is the vague feeling that we can’t fix whatever is bothering us, because we don’t really know what it is. People may ask “what are you depressed about,” and we want to scream that it’s not about anything. It just is. But we don’t have […]

Talking Yourself Up: A First Step Out of Depression

If you’ve battled depression for a while, and feel you’ve really made progress toward consistently feeling better, there still can be days when it just hits you by surprise. These are not days to give up or give in. Experiencing waves of depression does not mean you have failed somehow in the conquer depression game. […]

You Can Conquer Your Feelings Of Hopelessness

Have you ever felt hopeless in your life? Feelings of hopelessness arise when you start entertaining thoughts like saying these: “What’s the use of trying?” “I’ll never be happy in my life.”, “Nothing will ever work out.”, “The whole world is against me, it’s hopeless.” These feelings of hopelessness are much more aggravated when you […]

How to Relieve Stress and Depression by Learning to Forget

If you are struggling with stress or depression, or know someone who is, you may have heard the expression that you, or they, must “have a lot of baggage.” Of course any of us over the age of five has survived tons of unhappy moments, and some of us severe trauma or stress. But how […]

4 Steps To Overcome Procrastination And Self-Sabotage For Good!

Let’s be 100% honest with ourselves for a moment. Many people SAY they want real improvements in their lives — – They say they want to overcome procrastination and release patterns of fear, sadness, anxiety, fear etc. – They say they want to create more abundance, grow a new business, or practice their art. – […]

How to Relieve Depression Naturally

Depression is a mood disorder that ranges from mild to severe. All of us have experienced a form of depression at some time in our lives. It can accompany loss, stress, unresolved anger, fear, shame, disappointment and other emotional dynamics that are a part of our life situation. Depression is experienced by children, adults, and […]

5 Ways To Help A Depressed Loved One

When a person is suffering the torment of a stressful, depressive or anxious episode, it can be so hard for loved ones and friends to connect with them. For the sufferer, the torment can be exacerbated because no one understands what they’re going through. Here’s 5 ways you can develop understanding so you can reach […]

Treating Depression With Self-Help

Some people say that depression feels like a black curtain of despair coming down over their lives. Many people feel like they have no energy and can’t concentrate. Others feel irritable all the time for no apparent reason. The symptoms vary from person to person, but if you feel “down” for more than two weeks, […]