Conquering Depression

Many people worldwide suffer from depression for various different reasons. It is a hard thing to battle and sometimes the outcome is really tragic. Although you may feel like you are not strong enough, I assure you that the outcome does not have to be fatal. It may take a short amount of time or […]

Five easy ways to stop depression

Everyone experiences low periods, for many highs and lows are simply unavoidable and at least they might help you to realize what’s good in your life. However, depression is something quite different. One sign of depression is that your ‘blue periods’ go on for more than a few hours per day. The other is if […]

Reduce Stress and Be Happy

Anything taken too much is bad for the health. A little stress is actually good, as it could serve to help you function at your best. However, stress that seems a little too much could take a physical, as well as mental, toll to your body. Stress should be managed in order for depression or […]

How To Deal With Depression And Its Symptoms

Depression can affect you on a mental and physical level. The tips in the article can help you begin managing your depression. Do not let your depression control your social life by keeping up with normal social outings and activities. When you suffer from depression, you may not feel like socializing. Eventually, you will want […]

A Little Mid-Forties Depression?

When we hit our mid-forties, our bodies stop fooling around and become serious about disintegrating! It can seem at times as if we age 20 years in the span of one or two years, which can be quite a shock if we have been so caught up with life that we haven’t noticed the subtle, […]

The Road to Better Health, Curing Depression and Easy Ways to Feel Better

How to begin… How to begin down the road to better health; how to start can be overwhelming! The road to better health can be a confusing one. There are so many factions out there trying to convince you their method, diet or, too often, drug is best. The fact is that for most people, […]

Breaking the Link Between Loneliness and Depression

It is easy to see loneliness and depression as an endless cycle. If we are lonely, we can become depressed and the more depressed we are, the less likely we are to make the social connections we need for a healthy emotional life. But as with other types of cycles, even a little chink can […]

Exercise to Beat Depression

Pretty much everyone knows about the physical benefits of exercise. However, improving your mental health can be just as important, and luckily, exercise does just that. So, if you are looking for yet another reason to start working out on a regular basis, you should check out these mental health benefits you can look forward […]

Conquering the Blues and Stress in 5 Exciting Ways

When I was younger, my mom would always remind (nag) me to be more serious, to study harder and to be the very best at whatever I do. I took her advice, excelled and made her very, very proud. Now that I am older, she then tells (orders) me to love having fun, take things […]

The Sun is Out: Will Its Vitamin D Help You Beat Depression?

Take your pick, you can find science on every side of the question of whether vitamin D helps beat depression. Recent studies have not shown that a lack of vitamin D causes depression. However, although vitamin D did not help everyone, Dr. Jonathan A. Schaffer of the Columbia University Medical Center in New York City […]