Kevin “caught on tape” (rare interview reveals BIG secrets of meditation)

Check out this rare interview with Kevin recorded in 2008. It was intended for our ears only, but I thought it would be fun to let you “spy” on our private conversation: You’ll hear the story of how Kevin developed Core Energy Meditation, why and how it works, and why you want to practice […]

3 Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind (and Feel More Joy)

Are you aware of a dominant feeling that runs like an undercurrent through your life? Or maybe it’s more of a subtle background state that seems to color everything that you say, do, and feel? Maybe it’s a persistent feeling that you have when you wake up in the morning? (For example, you might feel […]

Is It Possible To Move Beyond Judgment?

Have you ever been in the supermarket where you witness a mother or father struggling with their kids and yelling at them?  Did you get upset at the “meanness” of these parents?  Did you feel that the kids weren’t being respected and cared for?  Have you ever been shocked to find yourself being that parent? […]

For people who worry

Do you ever find yourself worrying about what might happen?  Do you imagine the worst and replay it over and over in your mind? Do you wonder how to overcome worry? If so, rest assured  – you are human, and it is natural to do that sometimes!  However, the worry habit can get in the way […]

The Secret to Dissolving Stress and Overwhelm

Do you ever feel stressed-out with the demands of day-to-day life and your seemingly endless to do list?  These days, it seems that racing from one thing to the next is normal, forever caught up in hyper-alert, fear- based scanning of the environment. When we are faced with physical emergencies these tendencies can be helpful.  […]

Can Changing These Change Your Life?

Did you know you have default settings that determine what shows up in your life and how you experience it?  For example, your experiences of health, wealth, and love are all shaped by preset assumptions that leave you open to certain experiences and closed to others.  In this post, we’ll explore what a default setting […]

Simple Secret to Lose Weight and Boost Mood and Energy

Who doesn’t want to lose weight, feel positive, and have more energy? Sure, there are a few folks who have no trouble maintaining their ideal weight. And, there are probably some who wake up feeling positive every day and have energy to spare. But, for the rest of us, it’s a daily quest to get […]

Your Emotional Allies: 3 Steps to Be At Ease With Uncomfortable Feelings

Do you ever feel so mad that you might explode, so afraid that you can’t move, or so sad that you lose all will?  When you feel anger, fear, or sadness, it’s natural to want to get away from these supposedly “negative” emotions.  From a young age we are encouraged not to express them.  People […]

Can Aerobic Exercise Be Counter-Productive?

Recently, we explored how much exercise we really need.  We discovered that the most important thing is to get up and move on a consistent basis.  Almost any movement is exponentially more beneficial than being sedentary.  Your body is made to move. But can aerobic exercise be counter-productive? Almost every physiological function benefits from regular […]

Feel Stuck In Life? Not Sure Why? Try This “Perfect Sense” Meditation!

Press PLAY To Begin The Meditation: Why We Feel Stuck In Life And What To Do About It We all have times and situations when we feel stuck in life. There may be repeated tension, conflict, or various pains and suffering in these situations. We might feel like we’re hitting our heads against the wall […]