Appreciation Is the Key to Cooperation

Do you show sincere appreciation in every situation you can where someone does something nice for you, is helpful to you, or does something that benefits you in some way? And, do you approach delicate situations with other people at work or in your personal life with appreciation for their strong points?  And are you […]

Nighttime Anxiety: 5 Ways To Stop It Ruining Your Life!

 Many of us with a panic disorder tend to drag that worry into our bedtime. The reason for this could be many things, from family pressures to work related stress. It is estimated that between 50-65% of us who suffer from a panic disorder will have a panic attack of some sort during bedtime at […]

Are You Discounting Your Worth?

I used to be the queen of discounts. I prided myself in driving a hard bargain – paid only $400 for my coffeemaker which retailed for $500… oh the list goes on. But as I immersed myself more and more in the Spiritual Prosperity Laws and trusted in an infinite supply of wealth and abundance, […]

The Secret to Absolute Personal Freedom

What comes to mind for you when you think about your own personal freedom?  The personal freedom I’m referring to is your internal personal freedom—the personal freedom that allows you to be exactly what and who you are and want to be–the personal freedom that easily allows you to be all those things and live […]

Here’s How to Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

If you’ve come to a point where you’re feeling the need to find a way to make your life a whole lot easier, I found a way that will work if you let it. At first glance it can seem a bit challenging or unconventional, but once you embrace it and commit to it, you’ll […]

6 Ways To Get Your Confidence Back If You Suffer From Anxiety!

Millions of people worldwide suffer from an anxiety condition, which means that millions of people have confidence issues as well. Suffering from lack of confidence will have a debilitating effect on your life, and severely limits your work productivity in your social circles. Yet people who have successfully recovered have gone on to enjoy greater confidence […]

How Unhealthy Family Relationships Can Cause Severe Depression

Relationships are the basis of interaction between people. Healthy relationships can enhance a person’s life and create a positive and uplifting environment. Unhealthy relationships, especially with family, can cause severe depression and anxiety. Often times, people don’t even notice how damaging these unhealthy relationships are until they have become really bad. The Phone Call When […]

Prevent Stress Because of Your Child’s Sexual Behavior – Have ʺThe Talkʺ on Time

Being a parent is the most difficult and at the same time the most satisfying ‘job’ there is. As a parent, you know that the most important thing is to talk to your children during adolescence about any problem that bother them. Otherwise, your children will find information elsewhere, most likely the media and the internet. […]

Allowing All Life’s Circumstances Can Greatly Reduce Stress

We all have a tendency to get our undies in a bunch when something we don’t want to happen happens or something we do want to happen doesn’t, right?  It usually doesn’t matter if it’s of great importance or not.  Our response is essentially the same. We tend to go right into stress mode, complain […]

The Healing Powers of Music: A Look at the Remedial Therapeutic Properties in Music

Music, and sound in general, has been used by humans for many ages to induce changes in emotional and mental states. From mantras and chants to soothing tunes, the power of sound has a definitive effect on the human body. Modern research has begun to accept and support the practice of music therapy to help […]