How To Reduce Anxiety And Stress And Enjoy Retirement

Retirement age can be a surprisingly stressful time, and many seniors aren’t expecting it. Everything from significant life changes to health concerns can cause unexpected stress. Knowing about these potential areas of anxiety will help you prepare and enjoy your retirement. Family Conflict As we age, the family dynamic changes. Kids move out and start […]

Relax! 7 Quick Tips to Instantly Banish Travel Stress

If you’re like many people, traveling isn’t high on your list of favorite activities. Between the obligatory airport hassles and the unfamiliarity of a new environment, there are many stress triggers to contend with. These simple tips will help you to relax and enjoy the ride. Stick to the Bare Essentials The biggest mistake that […]

Do You Do This?

Do you waste time? Are you a time waster? Well, if you are, stop it. Wasting time causes us so much stress and frustration, which only leads to anxiety and often physical ailments. What do I mean by a time waster? Do you start something but don’t finish it? Do you procrastinate getting started? When […]

Six Most Common Causes Of Marital Stress And How To Overcome Them

Many married couples are able to cope with daily marital stress. However, others find that stressful situations are difficult to deal with and consequently never get resolved. Many simply cannot cope with the mental, emotional, and physical toll it takes on the marriage. Some couples, give up and separate. Other couples wind up in an […]

Five Essential Oils for Everyday Wellbeing

What do you do when you have a headache, a cut, or a stain in your favorite shirt? Probably run to the nearest drugstore for Advil, hydrogen peroxide, and household cleaners. For centuries though, humans have relied on the basic healing, cleansing, and invigorating powers of essential oils. Knowing where to start, or what should […]

How to Uninstall Computer-Generated Stress

You may have failed to see this, or you simply refuse to admit it but the computer in front of you has caused you more stress more than the two-hour traffic you encountered this morning, your nagging boss, your lack of sleep, the wrong coffee the barista gave you, and the unexpected engine crash your […]

Family Caregiver? Six Tips To Tackle The Stress That Comes With It

Caring for a family member is a labor or love, but there is also the need for the caregiver to find ways to deal with the stress that comes from looking after another person. This is especially true as that family member slowly loses the ability to manage basic tasks like dressing or taking care […]

How to Deal With the Stress of Others

There are plenty of stressed-out people in this world, so it’s not a stretch to guess that there’s someone in your life that is constantly on edge, too. While you might not realize that his or her stress is rubbing off on you, it’s probably happening. Blame it all on your brain, as your body’s […]

Productivity, You Got It?

There is so much written about the ever-popular topic of “productivity” and it’s no wonder! We all need to be productive in order to get things accomplished and basically just get through our day. The key is to know if you have the ability to be productive. What do I mean? Read on. The To-Do […]

Help Your Toddler Stay Calm – Teach Them Patience

Having a toddler in house is a 24-hour job. It can be very stressful as you are there to teach them how and when to eat, sleep, grasp a toy, throw it, and a number of other daily things – while trying to maintain your own adult obligations. One of the most important things you will constantly have to work […]