“PURE GOLD” wealth meditation (expires in 24 hours)

Just a quick reminder about two fast-approaching deadlines: 1) Episode 7 of “The Millionaire Mindset” — one of the most important and valuable of the series — expires today at 11:59pm EST.  I HIGHLY recommend you listen to this session before it expires, in case you haven’t already: >>> Listen to Episode 7 HERE This […]

Public Defecation – A Millionaire Mindset?

====> Today’s email is sponsored my “mr poo”. If you really need to poo, you know what to do. Well I just posted Episode 2 of “The Millionaire Mindset” and I can see it’s already beginning to cause some MAJOR controversy. Brown shock-waves actually. You see, the series is all about releasing our poohey beliefs […]

STARTS TODAY: “The Millionaire Mindset <<< 7+ meditations to attract wealth

I’m so excited, because my latest free series, “The Millionaire Mindset” starts today — and you’re just in time! http://www.clearyourstress.com/the-millionaire-mindset/ I just posted Episode 1 — which reveals the ultimate shortcut to creating all the wealth and abundance you could ever want. You also get a powerful 5-minute meditation exercise that countless millionaires have used […]

YOUR INVITE: The Millionaire Mindset <<< Meditations to make you wealthy

By popular demand, I’m re-launching my awesome free online event — “The Millionaire Mindset” — and you are invited! Best of all, you get a free meditation download called “Mindful Visualization Of Your Wealth Goal” right now…. But only when you register before 11:59pm EST on Friday. (Why the extra reward? Because as you’ll learn […]

Can We Learn Anything From Donald Trump’s A-HOLE-ERY?

Wendy: "Are you just an a-hole? Is that it?" Butters: "Am I just an a-hole? Well, no. I’ve got arms and legs… I have everything." ~ South Park I see Donald Trump is in the news again for all the wrong reasons? This time, making offensive comments about a female interviewer after a silly prime-time […]

The #1 Reason We Fail To Create Abundance Over And Over (And What To Do Instead!)

Funny thing happened last night here in Bali….. It began pouring down with rain just as I was leaving a Yoga class. So rather than scurry home like a drowning rat, I opted to duck inside a local “warung” and grab a bite to eat.  As I stepped inside, I noticed a thoughtful looking lady […]

Introducing “The Millionaire Mindset” – Meditations To Make You Wealthy!

I’m so excited, because today I have something truly amazing to share with you…By popular demand, I’m creating a free new series called “The Millionaire Mindset” and you are invited! What is “The Millionaire Mindset?” Beginning March 23, you are going to get a series of powerful clearing sessions and meditations that will completely transform […]

VIDEO: How To Overcome Procrastination & Supercharge Your Creative Project! (PLUS: Matt Covering Tonight, Tonight On Guitar!)

In this video, you get to hear me play guitar and sing one of my favorite songs, Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins! I also give you some tips and insights to overcome procrastination and get started with your creative project, which could be launching a business, writing music, or changing the world! P.S. I […]

Are You Discounting Your Worth?

I used to be the queen of discounts. I prided myself in driving a hard bargain – paid only $400 for my coffeemaker which retailed for $500… oh the list goes on. But as I immersed myself more and more in the Spiritual Prosperity Laws and trusted in an infinite supply of wealth and abundance, […]

7 Questions For Divine Inspiration (PLUS: How To Create True Wealth In Every Area Of Life in 2015!)

Here’s a fun exercise plus 7 questions for divine inspiration in this moment! This meditation is all about giving your soul space and permission to speak, so I invite you to follow along, give this a try, and see what happens. Now, I’d like you to focus inside, and ask your divine source the following […]