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    7 Ways to Attract Money Using Mind Power

    wealthy“Attracting money using the power of your mind.” The phrase conjures up images of someone sitting in the lotus position, sweat beading on her forehead, and money pouring into her bank account like magic, doesn’t it?

    The truth is a little less Hollywood and a lot more real. Tapping into the power of your mind is the first step. That means changing the state of your mind so that your life energy is vibrating to attract riches, not repelling or neutral to it.

    As soon as you get into such a state, you automatically do and say things that increase your chances of getting a promotion, finding a new job, or taking advantage of that business opportunity.

    Here are a few states of being that are beneficial to your wallet:

    Confidence. Knowing that you’re on top of your game and that you’re prepared for whatever happens inspires confidence in other people. They’re more likely to trust you to do the job and pay you well when you deliver.

    Generosity. Helping someone without expectation of return sets off all kinds of positive currents in your environment.

    – You’re in a better mood. The person you helped is in a better mood.

    – It demonstrates to the universe and your inner self that you can afford to help. Instant ‘rich vibe’.

    – There is a chance that you might get rewarded then and there for your efforts. If not, you’ve still added to your positive karma.

    Look for and Be Open to Opportunity. Anytime you look for something, you’re going to find it eventually. If you believe opportunity is out there, you’re going to find so much of it that there’s no way you can take advantage of all of them. If you believe that ‘all the good jobs are taken’, you’ll overlook the awesome position right in front of you. Your mind will just filter it right out.

    Persistence. Do the things that lead to a result, and you’ll get that result, or at least close to it. Patience is required to be persistent, but the reward is worth it.

    Know Your Value. Knowing that you have a good contribution to make means you’re determined to make it somehow. Being valuable increases your value.

    Be Lucky. When you’re feeling lucky, you’re more likely to do something audacious that (hopefully) leads to money coming your way. This state is the most likely to be spur-of-the-moment and dependent on the odds, so don’t overdo it on this one.

    Have Positive Expectation. Trust in the process and expect things to turn out well. If you show up and do your job, you know that you’re going to get a check on payday. If you don’t, then you sue the person who ripped you off and don’t do business with them again. Make sure your faith is grounded in reality.

    The state of mind you’re in guides your actions in the physical world. What you get done determines what you get in return, for the most part. You can control what you think and believe, how you are, and the universe responds to that. Money is attracted to you when you’re magnetic to it.

    Author: Kelly J. Daniel 

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kelly_J_Daniel

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