2 Secrets For Financial Security And Peace Of Mind

The financial landscape seems to have shifted.  That job that once seemed secure feels tenuous at best.  Maybe the money you have saved is ebbing away.  You might feel stuck in debt or worried that you might be there someday in the not far-off future.  In the past few years, you’ve tightened up your finances.  […]

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

Many of us are always in pursuit of financial freedom. This has become the main reason for most of our day to day activities as we try our level best to earn some extra cash. However, not many have managed to reach the ultimate financial freedom point. This is simply because they are not doing […]

Attracting Wealth – How to Attract Wealth Easily Into Your Life

Attracting wealth is a mindset and the more you change your mental perspective, the more you will attract wealth into your life. Everyone has the right to live in wealth and prosperity. So many millions and even billions of people struggle financially in our world and it does not have to be this way. It […]

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

Business classes and self-help books both offer steps for how to attract money into your life. The first teach revenue goals and action plans. The second may add positive vibrations, affirmations and visualization boards. But both share some essential truths. If you want to attract money, you have to know what you want, intend to […]

How to Clear Your Money Blocks

In the search for a holistic lifestyle, sooner or later one faces the challenge of “right living”, where work and wealth are in harmony with our physical, mental and spiritual aspirations. Wealth is so often seen as simply possessing money, perhaps splendid amounts of money.  Yet across the spectrum of spiritual teachings, mentors and inspirational […]

What Money Worries? Find Out Which Meditation to Attract Money Works for You

More and more people are using meditation to attract money, and it’s no wonder. The economy has seen its better days, so money worries are on the rise, but people have been experiencing financial stress for as long as currency has existed! When left unattended to, these cash-related woes can cause intense anxiety and keep […]

3 Questions to Ask If Manifesting Isn’t Working For You!

Does the “law of attraction” really work… and if so, can it work better for YOU? You’ve probably heard tales of how top athletes use visualization to achieve peak performance. Maybe you’ve heard how a cancer patient imagined powerful immune cells gobbling up cancer cells and was cured. Or you saw on “The Secret” how […]

You WILL Uncover & Erase Your Negative Beliefs In 6 Minutes!

Greetings….. If you’ve ever wondered WHAT negative beliefs are secretly sabotaging your success (without you even knowing it?) OR…. How to identify your limiting beliefs, erase them for good, and even replace them with a more empowering choice…. Then you’ll LOVE my latest video, titled:               Uncover & Erase […]

How to Feel Grateful AND Manifest Anything You Desire!

The other day, I invited you to try the ‘Gratitude Meditation’ from my ‘Meditations For Manifesting’ program. Here it is again if you missed it: Enjoy the ‘Gratitude Meditation’ Here Gratitude is so important for manifesting, that today I want to go deeper into the concept. Why is gratitude so important? Two reasons: First, realize […]

Manifesting Checklist: 6 Keys for Setting Intentions That Actually Happen!

Following on from Kevin’s post yesterday titled “Manifesting a NEW Reality? Here’s Your All-Important First Step!“… We’re getting questions about HOW to best word your intention…. for maximum manifesting impact! In other words… HOW do you set up your intention so it can flow to you more easily? No point in sabotaging your dreams due […]