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Greetings :) Just a couple of quick announcements today. 1) First, I’m glad you're enjoying the meditation videos! I'm going to leave them up for a few more days, so do make the most of them. Here are links … [Read More...]

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VIDEO: Meditation Clears ANY Negative Pattern Easily

In the next few minutes, I invite you to easily dissolve ANY negative emotion, pattern, or belief.... AND... Easily return to your natural state of gratitude, joy, and profound peace! VIDEO: Mastering The Instant Meditation Technique I'll also reveal the most critical insights you need to end all suffering for good.... And open fully to the complete … [Read More...]

VIDEO: 4 Secrets To Strengthen Your Energetic Frequency

Do you ever struggle with stress, fear, irritability, and other crummy emotions? (We all do - the world is volatile right now). Would you like to know how to immunize yourself and loved ones from the CHAOS? Or would you simply like to FEEL BETTER? Even raise your "normal" baseline and live your life from a HIGHER feeling place? Then I think you'll be excited to see … [Read More...]

3-Min Quiz Predicts Your Vibration (With Uncanny Accuracy)

A few years ago, Kevin created something really interesting.... His 3-minute Energy Center quiz reveals how each of your major Centers is affecting your health, your energetic frequency, and your life. Click HERE to take the 3 minute Energy-Center Quiz Recently I’ve been using the quiz with clients to get a “before” and after “snapshot”. It seems to be a great … [Read More...]

1-Page “Energy Center” Analysis

Greetings :) Thought I’d follow-up and see how you’re getting on? Things are busy over here in Thailand.... As you know, one of the things I love to do with clients is have them take Kevin's “3-Minute Energy Center Quiz” every 3-6 months. Why? The quiz highlights specific issues with our energetic frequency (and attitude). When we address these things, we open the … [Read More...]