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Smiling Heart

“Lost That Loving Feeling?” Here’s How To Get It Back!

As human beings we are wired for love! We thrive on being loved and enjoy sharing our love with others. We are made for love, and, without it, life is lackluster, meaningless, or downright depressing. Have you lost that loving feeling in your life? (If so, you have to try my new meditation "Connecting to Your Loving Essence"....) Perhaps you wish you had more closeness … [Read More...]


Use the 90-Second Rule to Release Negative Thoughts and Feelings!

Did you know that your body is designed to automatically clear stress and negative feelings? Recent research has shown that it takes your body only 90 seconds to clear the associated neurochemicals and neuro-pathways in your body and brain. Your body can reset that quickly, so you can feel refreshed and have a new perspective. Since reading about that, I've seen it happen … [Read More...]


You WILL Uncover & Erase Your Negative Beliefs In 6 Minutes!

Greetings..... If you've ever wondered WHAT negative beliefs are secretly sabotaging your success (without you even knowing it?) OR.... How to identify your limiting beliefs, erase them for good, and even replace them with a more empowering choice.... Then you'll LOVE my latest video, … [Read More...]


How to Feel Grateful AND Manifest Anything You Desire!

The other day, I invited you to try the 'Gratitude Meditation' from my 'Meditations For Manifesting' program. Here it is again if you missed it: Enjoy the 'Gratitude Meditation' Here Gratitude is so important for manifesting, that today I want to go deeper into the concept. Why is gratitude so important? Two reasons: First, realize that there is an inherent danger … [Read More...]