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This is free all day today :)

How would you like an easy technique that you can use anytime to release your stress, feel more joy and connect to your Inner Guidance? You're welcome :/ ---> :) I call this "Inner Smiling" and it is a … [Read More...]

Latest Stories

INCEPTION: Dissolving the beliefs you’re not seeing

"The problem is that perception is reality." - John Rowland. "If there's a problem, it's often because we think our *internal representations* of reality are reality." - Matt Clarkson.   Hello! I wanted to share something that will help you IMMEDIATELY. (It's not the complete picture on inner clearing, but it's very powerful nevertheless.....) The … [Read More...]

Something that might help, enjoy!

Greetings :) When inner or outer events threaten our inner balance, what is the best thing to do? (You may have noticed that "solutions" offered by the ego often make things worse!) I have found that sometimes it is helpful to RETREAT from "external events" for a time, and HOLD to the Freedom that you are at you Core. Often you can prevent any loss of your inner … [Read More...]

4 easy steps to raise your vibration (AND manifest ALL you truly desire)

Our clients come to us for two main reasons... Which one is it for you? Many, because they want to grow their inner power to create the life they desire. Many come to us initially because they are stressed and overwhelmed. For some, maybe it's a little of both. Here's the key... The two are intimately connected. The keys to finding your calm center and … [Read More...]

3 ways to ease pain and stress with your mind

When you feel pain or stress, your first inclination is likely to try to avoid it or "kill it." However, a growing body of research shows that we can use our minds to "turn towards our pain" in a way that can ease it. "Mindfulness" based meditation techniques may be effectively used in place of or in combination with pain medication. Let's explore three components of pain … [Read More...]