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4 easy steps to raise your vibration (AND manifest ALL you truly desire)

Our clients come to us for two main reasons... Which one is it for you? Many, because they want to grow their inner power to create the life they desire. Many come to us initially because they are stressed … [Read More...]

Latest Stories

3 ways to ease pain and stress with your mind

When you feel pain or stress, your first inclination is likely to try to avoid it or "kill it." However, a growing body of research shows that we can use our minds to "turn towards our pain" in a way that can ease it. "Mindfulness" based meditation techniques may be effectively used in place of or in combination with pain medication. Let's explore three components of pain … [Read More...]

Last chance

This is the final notice about joining the all-new Spiritual Growth Monthly. Do it today before 11:59pm EST and you get a special bonus -- the April 2017 edition: "The Power Of Practice". ==> Join Us, become a member of Spiritual Growth Monthly (These audios show you how to discover and deepen your sense of purpose, and set things up so that the results you desire the … [Read More...]

Personal invitation to join us

Kevin and I hope you're loving the "Weekly Messages" we're sharing! If you want more, today I have great news. You are cordially invited to JOIN US, and become a member of Spiritual Growth Monthly today! :) Spiritual Growth Monthly is our online community for meditation and spiritual practice, so if you're not passionate about this, you may want to stop reading right now! … [Read More...]

How to create an “energetic portal” in your home

Last week, Kevin and I shared an exclusive meditation session with you -- one using powerful questions to activate a "flow state". (If you missed it, you can listen HERE....) Today, I'm pleased to share with you the second "Weekly Message" in this exclusive series! Let’s explore together an "unusual," often understood practice for tuning into the frequency of Spirit. In the … [Read More...]