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Are You Stressed About Being a Successful Woman?

This question will obviously generate different answers from different readers, but the only answer you really need to concern yourself with is your own.  Why?  Because when it’s all said and done, yours is the … [Read More...]

Latest Stories

Woman Meditating

Meditation Fundamentals

Most of us are so busy that the thought of sitting still for 20 minutes or even 5 minutes a day is beyond us. We know meditation is probably good for us, but rewards seem fuzzy and methodology even fuzzier. What, exactly, is meditation? And do you have to be religious? Meditation is often associated with Buddhism, which makes it seem even more cloaked in mystery for those of us … [Read More...]

Woman used tips to cure insomnia naturally

Do You Need A Good Night’s Sleep

An increasing number of are us saying how much we are in need of a good night’s sleep. Even after an early night and a full 6-8 hours many of us still feel jaded and unrefreshed. This can gradually impact on several areas of our lives, causing energy levels, good humour and enthusiasm all to suffer. Consider how your quality of sleep impacts on your life in general. Our … [Read More...]


Stress Relief Games

Stress Relief Games can make an unpleasant part of life fun. Frustration is part of daily life, like deadlines and slow traffic. It leads to more stress over time. A great stress management activity is to make a game out of it. Strategize being patient. Practice with low-stress situations like looking for your other shoe or the cufflink you couldn't find the other night. Then … [Read More...]


The Secret To Cure Anxiety: Distract Yourself!

Too many things that are happening in this world can make anyone become anxious over what's to come. That will be true if you have a history of chronic anxiety and depression. It's sometimes difficult to cope with the situation when the panic sensation is attacking you out of nowhere. Anxiety is caused by too much preoccupation toward something that you may not want to think … [Read More...]