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The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – October 2014, Week Two, “Relax Deeply Using Open Focus”

Welcome back as we continue to follow Kevin with an actual practice. In fact, what Dr. Joe seems to be suggesting is that Open Focus is a necessary starting point for all the healing or growth we want to experience in our lives. This is not just conjecture on his part. He first learned it 30 years ago, when he was able to use his mind to heal his spine after a horrendous … [Read More...]

positive woman

Looking for a Way to Reduce Stress? Remember This!

"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.  That's what makes you a winner!" ~ Venus Williams This is a quote I keep posted in my office for when I have a rough day or get myself bent out of shape over some silly projection about the future. It always reminds me to relax and believe in myself regardless of what may be taking place or what anyone else may … [Read More...]


How to GLIDE thru grief, guilt, blame? (or anything else)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to GLIDE through grief, guilt, blame, or any other emotion.... .... Like a hot knife through butter? :) First, just know that so called "negative" feelings coming up is no bad thing. Actually stuff coming up is your gateway to deeper peace, joy, and freedom…. IF you know how to move through it. As we've been discussing in recent emails, … [Read More...]


How To Save A Life

Have you ever wondered "how to save a life?" - I mean really SEARCHED for the answer to that question? It's powerful to do that, you know :) What does it really take to save a human life from the deepest hurts imaginable, and even the brink of destruction and annihilation? Here's a little more of my story and perspective... STEP 1: How To Save A Life - Demonstrate … [Read More...]