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Latest Story

Moving with Kids: How to Minimize Stress and Make It Fun for Everyone

Moving can be stressful for everyone in the family. There are home sales, new jobs, boxes, furniture, and utilities to consider, not to mention the loss of all your connections to your old neighborhood. But no … [Read More...]

Latest Stories

The Secrets to Conflict Resolution

One of the secrets to conflict resolution is that forgiveness transforms the one who forgives in a way that opens new possibilities for all concerned.  Once you release judgment through forgiveness you may be ready for the next step to healing relationships and resolving conflict—sacred listening. Sacred listening is a way to engage another so they feel heard and respected.  … [Read More...]

Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over? 3 Simple Steps To Stopping It For Good

We all want the answer to this frustrating question, so here it is: "For the love of all that is holy, why oh why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over again!?" Have you ever heard someone say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Sure you have!  You are here because you've made the same … [Read More...]

How To Feel Better In Fifteen Minutes

Life can sometimes get on top of you and make you feel as if you have no hope and as a result you can start to feel depressed and powerless. But you may be feeling depressed but you are not powerless. If you want to begin to feel better then first you need to just put your worries aside for a second. I know it's easier said than done but just trust me on this one. Get … [Read More...]

Maintaining Peace in a Chaotic World

Have you noticed that the world seems to be more chaotic than ever? Just turn on the TV or open a web browser and see how quickly you’re bombarded with negativity. Violence, hunger, poverty, terrorism. These are just some of the global issues we’re compelled to ponder on a daily—sometimes hourly—basis. How is it possible to maintain any semblance of peace in a world that seems … [Read More...]