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Take Control of Your Stress

Stress itself is not a bad thing. A little bit of stress can serve to compel us to action and enhance our performance. But we can also feel overwhelmed with life's demands. You can learn to listen to your mind … [Read More...]

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7 Key Pillars of Total Relaxation in Your Workplace

1. Record and monitor your stressors. Maintain a record for a week or two to recognise which situations create the most stress and how you react to them. Record your thoughts, feelings and how you dealt with the situation. Analyse your record after the one or two-week period and track where your stressors originated from, your thoughts and how you dealt with the situation. … [Read More...]


5 Ways You can Be Happy Now

The pursuit of happiness is a never ending quest that we all are on in our life and I think it's safe to say that it's also a very common overall goal that we have as well. Many of us spend so much time dibbling and dabbling in the latest fads and trends to test the waters to see if that's the "magic pill" so to speak, that will finally give us the true happiness that we … [Read More...]


Working Less To Get Ahead

My clients are always surprised when I suggest they should work less but give more to get ahead. At first it seems like a contradiction until you begin to understand at a deeper level that giving comes from the heart; • It is fuelled by passion and demands excellence and diligence of you. • It requires that you stand ready and willing to receive fair and generous reward … [Read More...]


Beginning To Meditate

Everyone can benefit from meditation. Whether you need to relieve some stress from your life, are trying to improve your wellness, need help relaxing, or just want to find inner peace, meditation can help you do it. You don't need Eastern knowledge or have to take any classes in order to meditate effectively; all you need is to learn the basics. Here is a simple guide to … [Read More...]