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What’s So Powerful About Mindfulness?

Do you ever sit down to meditate and find your mind wandering off again and again? Or maybe you find your mind stuck on one thought that keeps repeating itself over and over, like a broken record. Does a minor conflict or a little bump in your road sometimes set off a huge feeling—like sadness, fear, or anger—that you can’t get rid of? Does that feeling linger way longer … [Read More...]

Does THIS bother you? PLUS Killer Meditation to Deflect Aggressive Resistance!

Does it bother you? When you look at your life and see you're NOT getting the results you want? Or when you see disturbing things going on in the world... played over and over in the news? When things aren't going how you'd like, it's important to "take the power back," but to do so in the best possible way! The energy of ANGER cuts through victim-consciousness like a hot … [Read More...]

How to Overcome Worry! (3 Questions That Give Instant Relief!)

Do you ever find yourself worrying about what might happen? Do you imagine the worst and replay it over and over in your mind? If so, rest assured you are human, and it is natural to do that sometimes! However, the worry habit can get in the way of enjoying life and accomplishing what is most important to you. Let's explore some good questions to ask yourself to move … [Read More...]

4 Ah-Has To Heal Your Heart! (And Why Hearts Remain “Broken” Needlessly…)

Do you ever struggle with feelings of unworthiness, find it challenging to love yourself, or wonder if you'll ever be able to overcome the heartbreak of losing someone you love? Do you long to experience deeper, more loving relationships, but find that the pain in your past is like a wall of protection that keeps love away? Behind that wall is there a hole in your heart that … [Read More...]