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6 Ways To Make Your Life Easier If You Stress About The Small Things

Enjoy The Amazing “Abundant Energy” Meditation Demo!

If want to instantly boost your energy and your mood — and feel really good — then you’re going to LOVE this. At the link above, you'll find TWO wonderful things I have to share with you today! :) 1) The following audio guides through a 15-minute “Abundant Energy Meditation Session”. This is going to have you feeling really good in … [Read More...]


NEW! Would You Like To Work With Me Personally?

Would you like to work with me personally?I'm looking to work with a small group of "serious" people -- to super-charge your inner clearing and energetic vibration to the next level!Would you like to join us?Here's the link to learn more and take the next step.,- Matt Clarkson … [Read More...]

Stress Management and Being Over Stressed as Art

“INCEPTION!” How To Quickly Dissolve The Beliefs ABOUT Your Beliefs Now!

"The problem is that perception is reality."-John Rowland. "If there's a problem, it's often because we think our *internal representations* of reality are reality."- Matt Clarkson. I've been pouring over all the answers to the "quick question" I sent you the other day.Besides the new material I'm working on (I'll be making announcements … [Read More...]


Which of These Meditation Styles Works Best For You?

There are several powerful ways you can dissolve stress and open to more joy with meditation.One great way is to welcome positive states like gratitude, appreciation, love, and joy. A wonderful example of this in action is my open-focus gratitude meditation. Try it.Another good example is some of the work we're doing in my free "Millionaire Mindset" sessions which … [Read More...]