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Is “Brainwave Meditation” Damaging Your Brain?

I've been getting quite a few questions about "brainwave meditation". Is it safe? Is it something you recommend? How does it compare with your "Core Energy Meditation" program? First, let's first define "brainwave meditation"! In a nutshell, "brainwave meditation" (also known as binaural beats) uses sound frequencies to manipulate brainwave patterns. How does it … [Read More...]


How To REALLY Calm Your Mind With Meditation!

Have you ever tried to quiet your mind through meditation, but struggled? Or do you ever find meditation more frustrating than relaxing? Perhaps you want more peace, health and love in your life?  Or you want to manifest more wealth, abundance and achievement? But when you meditate, you feel "blocked" by mental clutter (or worse, you end up … [Read More...]


Core Energy Meditation: Standing On The Shoulders of The One!

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." ~Sir Isaac Newton I've been blessed to work directly with some of the greatest masters on the planet in the last 20 years. Several teachers, who I consider to be among "the greats," have profoundly influenced me and what I'm able to share with you, and for that … [Read More...]


How to Release Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs!

Today I have a great "releasing audio" for you. It was created by my good friend Kevin Schoeninger.  Try this: It shows you how to release all negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs.  It works on negative emotions like anxiety, anger, depression and guilt. It also works when you feel stuck in a limiting … [Read More...]