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3 Stress-Causing Myths You Probably Believe

What if you knew that most, if not all, of the stress and overwhelm you feel is the result of believing in things that aren’t true? What if the myths you believe cause you unnecessary struggle? In this article, we’ll explore three false assumptions that most of us live by and simple ways to overcome them all. In the end, you’ll discover that you have inherent capacities that … [Read More...]

How to Transform Emotional Upset Into Empowered Action!

While we like to think of ourselves as rational beings, in reality our lives are ruled by emotions. Emotions upset us, drive us, intimidate us, and inspire us. They move us to action or paralyze us in anxiety, stress, and fear. For this reason, it’s natural to be somewhat wary of emotions — and do what we can to avoid them or keep them at bay. Yet, because of the real … [Read More...]

What’s So Powerful About Mindfulness?

Do you ever sit down to meditate and find your mind wandering off again and again? Or maybe you find your mind stuck on one thought that keeps repeating itself over and over, like a broken record. Does a minor conflict or a little bump in your road sometimes set off a huge feeling—like sadness, fear, or anger—that you can’t get rid of? Does that feeling linger way longer … [Read More...]

VIDEO: This “Instant Release” Meditation Clears ANY Block Fast!

In the next few minutes, you can dissolve any negative emotion, pattern, or belief... AND...easily return to your natural state of gratitude, joy, and profound peace! Watch the "instant release" meditation training here >> Actually this video is a short "best of compilation" of a webinar I did last year. You see, there's a right way and a "wrong" way to do inner … [Read More...]