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Latest Story

The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – June 2014 – Week Four, “Secrets of Abundance.”

We are back again, following Kevin Schoeninger’s messages on Spiritual Growth Monthly. This week, Kevin continues on the issue of Life’s Big Questions, and considers the question “how can I be more … [Read More...]

Latest Stories

3 Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind (and Feel More Joy)

Are you aware of a dominant feeling that runs like an undercurrent through your life? Or maybe it's more of a subtle background state that seems to color everything that you say, do, and feel? Maybe it's a persistent feeling that you have when you wake up in the morning? (For example, you might feel a constant pressure to be busy and get things done.  You might feel … [Read More...]

How to Let Go of Resentment, Simply by Taking Charge

When we are under a great deal of stress, we may feel that it is because we are carrying other people’s burdens. It is easy to want to complain, or nag the people who don’t seem to be doing their share. If these are people we love, people who are supposed to love us, we can feel especially neglected and taken advantage of. And we begin to resent everything we do. Nagging … [Read More...]

How to Deal With the Stress of Trying to Do it All

We live in a “do-it-yourself” age. When you’re trying to deal with stress, though, trying to do it all can do you in. I am not simply talking about the stress of trying to balance a job, keeping a home going and raising a family. That’s plenty as it is. But even with all that, if we are not careful, we can pick up the idea that no matter how much we are doing, it will never be … [Read More...]

One Quick Trick to Reboot Your Mood

When we are feeling especially low, it doesn’t help that we have a natural tendency to fret and stew about how we are feeling, until we’ve made ourselves worse than when the bad feelings started. We need something to short circuit what we are doing to ourselves. We need someone to slap us and yell, “snap out of it.” Well, maybe not yell. But there is a way to reboot our … [Read More...]