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Foods That Can Help Reduce Stress

We have all heard of sayings such as "comfort foods" and this quote is a perfect way to explain why food in most people is comforting and can soothe anxiety and insomnia. Food has always been an important … [Read More...]

Latest Stories

the good, the bad and the ugly?

I've got some good news.... and some bad news for some perhaps.... Let's go with the good news first! :) If you've been paying attention so far, you know that there are 3 major energy centers that directly affect your energetic vibration, and your results with meditation: They are "Body", "Heart," and "Mind".... Can you guess which of these has the most powerful, … [Read More...]

Anxiety And Stress: Which Bach Flower Remedy Is Best?

Inspired by homeopathic medicine, the Bach Flower Remedy System has been found to be very helpful for the relief of negative emotional states such as anxiety and stress. The beauty of the Bach flower remedies is that they can be used as a self-treatment, at any time at home or at work.  They are safe to use with any medication, homeopathic remedy or herbal … [Read More...]

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

Many of us are always in pursuit of financial freedom. This has become the main reason for most of our day to day activities as we try our level best to earn some extra cash. However, not many have managed to reach the ultimate financial freedom point. This is simply because they are not doing it right. There are certain steps that one should take in order to fully achieve … [Read More...]

Your Core Energy Meditation Downloads

Loads of people have been emailing us asking for a re-send of the various audios, PDFs, and training we've been sending you. * Some wanted the Core Energy Technique re-sending. * Others wanted the "Raise Your Vibration" report. * Some are wanting the interview and private class for Core Energy Meditation students. So the good news is that I have moved all the … [Read More...]