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How to Uninstall Computer-Generated Stress

You may have failed to see this, or you simply refuse to admit it but the computer in front of you has caused you more stress more than the two-hour traffic you encountered this morning, your nagging boss, your lack of sleep, the wrong coffee the barista gave you, and the unexpected engine crash your car gave you as a Christmas gift.While this world seems not capable of … [Read More...]


Episode 2: How To Clear Repulsive Neediness And Attract All The New Connections You Want!

Welcome to Episode 2 of "Attract And Keep The Love You Want!" Follow the steps below for today's sessions:   STEP 1: Play The Audio Session  STEP 2 Play The 11-Minute Meditation To Clear Attachments!  STEP 3: Please send your questions and feedback to training[AT] Enjoy! - Matt … [Read More...]

6 Tips To Tackle The Stress That Comes With It

Family Caregiver? Six Tips To Tackle The Stress That Comes With It

Caring for a family member is a labor or love, but there is also the need for the caregiver to find ways to deal with the stress that comes from looking after another person. This is especially true as that family member slowly loses the ability to manage basic tasks like dressing or taking care of hygiene needs. If you are caring for a parent or other loved one, here are some … [Read More...]


Welcome To “Attract And Keep The Love You Want!”

Welcome, I'm Matt Clarkson, and I'm very excited you are joining me for "Attract And Keep The Love You Want!" I'm creating this series for you as part of my search for love on the island of Bali. If you want to attract and keep your ideal relationship, then we can help each other!Please play the short video below for a quick introduction. Then proceed to your … [Read More...]