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Is your idea of perfection affecting your work performance and self esteem?

Perfectionism is trying to reach an idealized standard that doesn’t exist or is nearly impossible to obtain. It can make you feel anxious, guilty and inferior. If you are a perfectionist you are probably quite critical of yourself and others which causes low self esteem and unhealthy relationships. It results in underachievement which is usually the thing perfectionists are … [Read More...]

Reading is a good way of being gentle with yourself

How Great Stories Help Heal Depression and Stress

One of the side effects of anxiety, stress, and depression, is the vague feeling that we can’t fix whatever is bothering us, because we don’t really know what it is. People may ask “what are you depressed about,” and we want to scream that it’s not about anything. It just is. But we don’t have the words, or sometimes even the tears, to get it out. When we can’t articulate … [Read More...]

Success winner woman

Finding Your Flow: Suggestions for a new morning routine

People talk a lot about "flow." Psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi proposed the concept decades ago—a state of mind achieved when you're fully immersed in a project or task—but the basic tenants of flow date back to the teachings of Taoism and Buddhism.  As the Buddha tells us, "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present … [Read More...]

subconscious mind

The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – September 2014, Week Three, “9 Beliefs to Raise Your Wealth Consciousness.”

This month in Spiritual Growth Monthly, we have been following Kevin Schoeninger’s exploration of the relationship between higher consciousness and wealth. It is worth noting again that Kevin is defining wealth as “everything that is valuable” to us. If you tried his exercise about imagining a perfect day, then you might visualize real wealth as a lifetime of perfect … [Read More...]